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Luisa Blue

Template:TOCnestleft Luisa Blue ' works at SEIU’s national headquarters in Washington, D.C., Executive Vice President Luisa Blue will focus on SEIU’s AAPI engagement on comprehensive immigration reform, dismantling structural racism, economic justice in the Fight for $15, and getting Hillary elected.[1]

On May 22, SEIU Local 521 Chief Elected Officer Luisa Blue was elected Executive Vice President of SEIU International at the ‪#‎SEIUnstoppable‬ International Convention in Detroit.[2]


Before her trade union career, Blue was deeply involved in the civil rights activism of the ‘60s and ‘70s. She joined the San Francisco-based anti-martial law movement, which opposed the Marcos regime in the Philippines. She also participated in the Fair Licensure of Filipino Nurses campaign organized by the Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP). In the Bay Area’s Filipino American community, she worked tirelessly on immigrant rights and discrimination issues.

“From the time Luisa started as a nurse in the 1980’s, she has been a spunky, fierce (if she has to be) advocate for the rights of workers,” says Lillian Galedo, executive director of Filipinos for Justice.[3]

Japan coonection

Arlene Inouye June 27, 2016 · Osaka, Japan

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity and thank the Japanese union activists for taking care of every part of my visit including translators and various modes of transportation. Just as we discussed the foundation of one-on-one organizing, and the importance of relationships, I experienced deep international solidarity that we share as brothers and sisters across the Pacific. This is a critical juncture for the future of Japan.


— with Sam Winslow, Tracy Lai, Minori Yoneyama, Eriko Kojima, Gregory Cendana, Kent Wong, Johanna Hester, Kim Geron, Monica Thammarath, Darren Shiroma, Susan Li, Minh Tran, Stan Kiino, Wade Kyle, Luisa Blue, Jessica Cendana, Steven Moy, Ray Takeda, Theresa Montano, Eric Heins, David Goldberg, Cesar Moreno, Mary Cathryn Ricker, Kristy Ishii, Kenji Kurazawa.

PND celebrations

Luisa Blue was contact for Philippines National Day 1978 celebrations in San Francisco, advertised in Ang Katipunan, May 15, 1978.

"Long time progressive" wins union presidency

Ang Katipunan, August 1982

Filipinos for Jackson

Pimoysfor Jackson.JPG

Oakland City Councillor and Northern California Jackson campaign chairman, Wilson Riles, Jr., Leni Marin, chairman of Filipinos for Jackson, Luisa Blue (MC), SEIU), and Amos Baker GOTV 38th District (San Francisco) all addressed a meeting at Dimisalang Hall San Francisco, April 29, 1984 to build support among Filipinos for the Jesse Jackson campaign.

Filipino Jackson supporters 1984


Filipino Jesse Jackson supporters in 1984 included Bay Area: Luisa Blue SEIU, Paul Estabalaya, church and community groups, Roger Estrella Phd, Lillian Galedo, director Filipino Immigrant Services, Remy Galedo, Union of Democratic Filipinos, Emil de Guzman, Senior Escort Program, Mila de Guzman, coordinator Bay Area Coalition Against the Simpson/Mazzoli Bill, Ed Ilumin, San Francisco Human Rights Commission, Leni Marin, West Coast coordinatoe CJDV, Sr. Felicia Sarati, OSJ, Bill Sorro, trade unionist, Bill Tamayo, attorney, coordinator BACASM, Jing Villareyes, Committee for a Democratic Union, Becky Villones, Human Relations Commission, Santa Clara County. Los Angeles: Paul Daza, student UCLA, Raul Daza, attorney, Antonio de Castro, cordinator Early Outreach UC Irvine, Sumi Haru, Mel Ilumin, director Asian Coalition, chairman Southern California Filipino-American Student Association, Andrea Aquino-Luna, Cas Tolentino, president Filipino Lawyers of Southern California.

Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance

Luisa Blue is first vice president of the board of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance[4].