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Luis Corvalan Lepe died in July 2010. He was a former Secretary General and Member of Parliament for the Communist Party of Chile.


Corvalan was born in the southern city of Tomé on September 16, 1916. He was a primary school teacher, entered the military in 1932 and was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party from 1950 and General Secretary from 1958 until 1989. He was a Senator of the Republic (1961–1969) for the Ñuble grouping and re-elected for a term from 1969, which was interrupted by the coup in 1973, representing Aconcagua and Valparaíso.

He was persecuted, isolated, made a political prisoner and exiled by the government of Gabriel González Vileda and by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. The latter detained him on Dawson Island, at Ritoque and Tres Álamos until he was released in response to "great international pressure".[1]

Party life

Corvalan received a series of international distinctions, among them the Lenin Peace Prize. He wrote "Ricardo Fonseca, exemplary fighter" (1971), "Santiago – Moscow – Santiago, on the lived and disputed" (1997), "The government of Salvador Allende" (2003) and was working to complete his memoirs.

Comrade Corvalán participated in the activities of our party until a few weeks ago, in the plenary sessions of our Central Committee and at the anniversary celebrated on June 6 at the Normandie Theatre. On that occasion he received the Luis Emilio Recabaren medal, the highest distinction conferred by the Communist Party. In his final weeks he was admitted to the clinic of the Catholic University from where he was discharged to reside at his home in the care of his loved ones.[2]


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