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Louisville Democratic Socialists of America, is a Kentucky affiliate of Democratic Socialists of America.

B&R slate

In 2020 the Bread & Roses slate for Louisville Democratic Socialists of America steering committee was Jo Smiley, Alec Robertson, Mandy Bell, Nick Conder, Tyler Lamon.[1]

Claimed to be attacked by 'Nazis'

Vanessa Cantley FB Post

On September 28 2018, restaurant owner Vanessa Cantley shared a post on Facebook claiming that peaceful members of the Louisville Democratic Socialists of America were attacked by white nationalists.[2] She "said she is gathering information necessary to file a criminal complaint." DSA supporters and Twitter-verified users Michael C. Powell and Micah Uetricht both tweeted their support of Louisville Democratic Socialists of America, as did Antifa group Its Going Down. Louisville ARA published personal information about the suspects.

Micah Uetricht tweets about DSA Louisville incident
Louisville ARA: "Nazis attack activists and employees in a local restaurant in Louisville, Ky. Here are their identities."
Michael C. Powell tweets about Louisville DSA incident.

Louisville Metro Councilman Bill Hollander posted on the side of the Marxists, saying in a social media post, “I’ve got news for all white nationalists and the people harassing and attacking people at the Silver Dollar. District 9 is not ‘your area.’ It will never be."[3]

Socialist Chat DSA Louisville Sept 27 2018 Facebook Invitation (screenshot)

The Daily Beast posted[4] the event invitation:[5]

Local police posted video.





The 2019 Louisville Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee is made up of:


In 2016, Chris Caragianis was contact for Louisville Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee.[7]

Jacob Bush took over the role in mid 2017.[8]

Louisville endorsed candidates 2018

Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville, January 27, 2018;

Louisville DSA’s endorsed candidates will be hard at work again today trying to win their elections. If you can, please take time to volunteer and help them out:
  • Canon For Indiana: Dan Canon’s campaign will be having a day of action in Seymour, IN
  • Richard Becker for State Representative: Richard Becker’s campaign will be canvassing in Kentucky’s 35th District in Louisville:
  • Ryan Fenwick for Mayor: Ryan Fenwick’s campaign will be canvassing in Louisville’s Oakdale neighborhood: [9]

National conference delegates


Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville, June 30 at 9:49am ·

We are honored and thrilled to announce that we have elected our three delegates for the upcoming DSA National Convention!

Congratulations to Sarah Jeanne Caragianis, Nick Conder, and Amy Lee Goodnewt


  • Electoral Politics committee: This committee will identify which elections are taking place in Louisville in 2018, determine which seats should be targeted, and recruit socialists to run for office.

Organizer: Nick Conder

  • Political Education/Socialism 101: This group will organize learning opportunities about the history, theory and practice of socialism. Members will research and prepare presentations, discussions, readings and webinars.

Organizer: Chris Caragianis

  • Member Support: This committee will engage existing and new/prospective membership, plug them into DSA chapter work, support committees by connecting them to resources or other partner committees, and find ways to best facilitate communication among the chapter between meetings. This committee will also work to preserve chapter history of membership trends, inter-organizational partnerships, and events.

Organizer: Sarah Jeanne Caragianis

  • Digital Media: This committee will focus on operating the Louisville DSA accounts on Facebook and Twitter, organizing members to contribute to those accounts, organizing members to share posts on their personal pages, and determine which other social media presences are needed.

Organizer: Nick Conder

Project Cerberus: This committee will be tasked with monitoring the political activities, through open and legal means, relevant politicians at the local, state, and national level. It will also monitor pending legislation and relevant news stories. It will do this with the purpose of providing actionable items for DSA Louisville to exert it’s influence upon. The Committee will provide briefings and some analysis. It will collaborate with other committees and DSA Louisville as a whole to ensure timely distribution of actionable items.

Organizer: Marty Mohr[10]

This Is What (Internal) Democracy Looks Like!


This Is What (Internal) Democracy Looks Like! Public · Hosted by Democratic Socialists of America - Louisville

Thursday, August 31 at 7 PM - 9 PM

Drinkswell Service Co., 1201 Story Ave Sute 128, Louisville, Kentucky 40206

Join Louisville DSA for our monthly Socialist Chat series! This month's topic is internal democracy, and we will be discussing the recent DSA National Convention, best practices for internal discussions and debates, how to run a meeting, and how we can turn our politics outward and use our internal processes to strengthen our external work. [11]

Invited on Facebook



Internal Facebook page

This is the internal counterpart to our external-facing DSA Louisville page. The purpose is to discuss upcoming events and coordinate our work with membership as well as folks who are interested enough to contribute and collaborate.

Louisville Democratic Socialists of America Internal Facebook page, as of April 2017;[12]



More members had been added by October 15.[13]

More members and Moderators by November 27.[14]



More names by May 17 2018;