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Logun Buckley via Washington Times

Logun Buckley is the campaign manager for Chris Schwartz, a Berniecrat running for Board of Supervisors Iowa Black Hawk County.[1]

Logun Buckley is listed as the president of the Iowa University chapter of Americans for Democratic Action.[2]

Logun Buckley is also Chris Schwartz's boyfriend.

Overturn Citizens United Supreme Court Decision

Logun Buckley supports an amendment to the U.S. Constitution overturning the Supreme Court case on Citizens United, which found that "corporations, non-profit groups, and unions could spend money on communications (such as television advertisements) in favor of, or against, political candidates."[3]

Buckley writes:

"Until there is an amendment to the US Constitution, the Citizens United decision will continue to unfairly advance corporate influence in politics over the needs and welfare of actual United States citizens."[4]

Debt Free College

Logun Buckley was described as "among those leading the charge for debt-free higher education" in Iowa.

“We’re abusing our students today, and it’s going to affect the outcome of our tomorrow,” Buckley said. “With good jobs being harder and harder to find here in the United States, it is inconceivable how students are going to be able to support themselves with the cloud that is student debt hovering over them.”[5]

Other local activists mentioned in the 2015 article are Chris Schwartz, Pat Murphy, Gary Kroeger, Joe Gorton.


Photo of Chris Schwartz' vandalized front door
On October 27 2016, Chris Schwartz told a local news outlet that he believes his home was vandalized by a people who were influenced by a local Christian patriot group in Iowa. Referring to bible verse Leviticus 20:13, which was spray-painted on his front door,
"It's a death threat to my boyfriend and I, which says a man who lies with man shall be put to death...It's honestly scary," said Schwartz. "This is hatred right at our front door, this is a death threat on our front door."[6]

‎Waterloo-Cedar Falls Progress Network

Hassan Chehem Ali ‎Waterloo-Cedar Falls Progress Network July 23, 2015 ·


With Chris Klarich, Martin Wise, Shelby Snell, Sarah Carter, Chris Schwartz, Ruth Walker, Steve Abbott and Logun Buckley.