Little Rock Central High School Young Socialists

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Little Rock Central High School Young Socialists was an Arkansas affiliate of Young Democratic Socialists.

Members and supporters


September 16, 2014 ·

A proud day for Young Socialist activists as LRSD School Board candidate Jim Ross wins the election! From Dr. Ross himself:

"You understand we didn't win the election without you guys, right? When adults were slow to come to come to our aid, students from LRCHYS came, helped organize, and ultimately won it." — they included Miles Barrett Slarks, Rohan M. Manjanatha, Malik Marshall, Jim Ross, David Gilson, Zaheer Siddiqui and Grace Lytle.

Little Rock Central High School Young Socialists September 11, 2014.


With just under a week left until the election, LRCH Young Socialists keep up the hard work for our school board candidate! — with Malik Marshall, Rohan M. Manjanatha, David Gilson, Miles Barrett Slarks, Trisha Bhattacharyya, Grace Lytle, Beth Norman, Jane Justus and Anna Norman.


Another day of activism for the Central Young Socialists! — with Miles Barrett Slarks, David Gilson, Sally Goldman, Oussama Makhoul, Grace Lytle and Karina Margarita Espinosa.


Young Socialists on the ground canvassing for the LRSD School Board election! — with Miles Barrett Slarks, Edward Zhao, David Gilson, Foster Perry, Zaheer Siddiqui and Bilal Arshad.