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Lisa (Alicia) Peth is an Jacksonville Florida activist.



Meeting Tulsi


Ciera Smith March 8, 2016

With Matt Krieger, Kristellys Estanga, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Bri Feinberg and Lisa Peth at Bernie Sanders 2016 Miami Headquarters.

Progressive Democrats of America


In early 2017 Catherine Pierce, Lisa Peth, Luis Zaldivar, Brandon O'Donnell, and Jimmy Deininger were involved Progressive Democrats of America.


Northeast Florida Democratic Progressive Caucus July 28, 2017 .


The founding board of the NE FL Democratic Progressive Caucus. Thank you so much to all the people who have reached out in our first month! — with Shiela Kerr, Luis Zaldivar, Ali Samiian, Lisa Peth and James O'Donnell.

NE FL Democratic Progressive Caucus

Northeast Florida Democratic Progressive Caucus, December 10, 2017.


1 year ago was the 1st public event of Progressive Democrats of America - Duval Chapter, embryo for the progressive caucus. #healthcare #Progress #activism #ilovejax #jaxpol — with Catherine Pierce, Luis Zaldivar, Matthew L. Killen and Lisa Peth.


Luis Zaldivar, September 22 near Jacksonville, FL ·

Check out our website to find out what this random group of organizers have in common. — with Lisa Peth, John Hatle, Herb Gerson, Ali Samiian, Frederick Peton, Nathan McKay, Jennie Rambo, Catherine Pierce, Timothy Jon Norris Yost and Larry Snider.

Democratic Party Comrades


Sarah George, Jennie Rambo, Lisa Peth, Luis Zaldivar, July 2017.