Lisa Moline

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Lisa Moline

People for Bernie

In 2016 Lisa Moline, Overpass Light Brigade, was a leader of People for Bernie.

"Vigil for public education"

Overpass Light Brigade April 29, 2015:

We were asked to join this vigil for public education tonight organized by students at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. The students are upset over Gov Walker's massive $300 million dollar budget cut to the University of Wisconsin public university system as well as a $127 million dollar cut to K-12 public education in the state. Fund our future!

  1. wibudget #FundOurFuture — with Hannah Lee Noll, Babette Grunow, Joe Brusky, Rachel Meyer, Andrew Martin, Kim Schroeder, Brittany Smith, Tania M. Espinoza Bonilla, Erin Shannon, MacKenna Krupa, Lisa Moline, Meg Plant, Ty Bender, Lori Gonzalez-Gall, Denny Rauen and Lane Hall at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.