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Lisa Ashway is a Georgia activist. She is the Membership Secretary for Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America. In a relationship with Evan Seeds.

Medicare 4 All

In 2018 Lisa Ashway was contact for the Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America Medicare 4 All Working Group.[1]

2018 leadership

Congratulations to the newly elected Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America officers!


Members at large:

Personnel changes 2019

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America Chair Erin Parks led the March membership meeting, with help from Resolutions and Elections Working Group Chair Jen Garcia for items requiring votes.

The group elected Catie L. to be their third harassment and grievance officer, along with Anaia Jolie and Rachel Kahn .

Some leadership spots had opened. The officers appointed Jose Perez interim treasurer following Speck’s resignation. Gregory McKelvey became Membership Secretary following Lisa Ashway’s decision to concentrate on working group functions instead, leaving his at-large officer position open. Alexander Hernandez also stepped down from an at-large slot due to greatly increased travel at his job. José nominated Eric Robertson for one of the at-large positions. Q Benford presenting. Photo: Reid Freeman Jenkins

Starting a new tradition of including a brief political education presentation at each of our general meetings, our new Communications Secretary Quentin Benford spoke on the definition of democratic socialism In the discussion which followed, Benford said members expressed great interest in “how to combat propaganda, how to convey our vision to people who are on the other side, and generally what to say to people in those crucial interpersonal moments.”

Evan Seeds will head up “Air Bread and Roses,” to plan housing solidarity for delegates who can’t afford the hotel (more info at our April meeting). Catie L. will lead a committee to research and produce two information pieces for delegates: A handout on places near the hotel where they can “eat, drink and be Marxist”, and a “people’s radical history tour” of Atlanta sites (thanks to GSU history prof and long-time MADSA member Ian Fletcher for offering to help). Wendell Bohannan will lead a group to hold a social and fundraising event on the Friday night of the convention. they are already exploring an exciting possibility.[3]

March for Life

March 2018, several Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America members turned out to support the Grady H.S. students who walked out as part of the nation-wide protest demanding effective gun control legislation in the wake of the Parkland, FL massacre. It seemed that the whole school, including teachers and the principal, participated in the demonstration, which they held in the Grady sports stadium. After a moment of silence a few students gave brief, eloquent speeches and then the whole group marched around the track a few times before returning to classes, well beyond the announced 17 minutes. Barbara Joye, Reid Jenkins, Evan Seed, Lisa Ashway, Lorraine Fontana, Cecelia Cantrell and Ann Mauney were there from MADSA; Cecelia Cantrell, Lorraine Fontana, Ann Mauney and Barbara Joye were also members of Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace, which had brought many of the supporters.[4]