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Lina Hidalgo is an American politician from Texas. She is the county judge for Harris County, Texas a nonjudicial position that functions as the County's Chief Executive and oversees a budget of over $4 billion.

Radical staffer

Chang Chiu was Senior Policy Advisor for Lina HidalgoTX @Harris Cob Judge.

Houston TOP meeting

Julian Castro attended a Texas Organizing Project meeting in Houston just before the 2018 election. Bernard Sampson was at the same event. Texas Organizing Project PAC November 4, 2018 ·

TOP Delivers 119,000 NEW Midterm Voters


Michelle Tremillo, TOP's executive director, thanks the canvassers who have helped deliver 254,574 early voted in Harris, Dallas and Bexar counties, including 119,000 NEW midterm voters. Michelle was joined by Lina Hidalgo for Harris County Judge and Julian Castro. Our canvassers are still reaching out to voters today, tomorrow and until polls close on Tuesday. They'll knock on 16,000 doors every day! This is how we're going to win real change in Texas!


Hidalgo connection

Michael Kieschnick February 22, 2019 ·


Delighted to be with Lina Hidalgo, newly elected chief executive of Harris County (Houston - millions of people), Texas, who is shaking things up and changing priorities to meet the needs of everybody.

  1. ArenaAcademy in Des Moines

Battleground Texas support

In August 2018 Battleground Texas announced its Blue Star Project. Among those it endorsed:

Lina Hidalgo, Progressive. Texan. Proud immigrant. Democrat for Harris County Judge (Executive of our nation’s third largest county). FB/IG at Lina4HC.


The ASSU Senate kicked off its meeting January 2012 with the introduction of Lina Hidalgo 'l3, the new ASSU Executive Chief of Staff nominated by ASSU President Michael Cruz 'l2 and Vice President Stewart Macgregor-Dennis 'l3. Former ASSU Executive Chief of Staff Emma Ogiemwanye 'l2 stepped down after choosing to go abroad winter quarter this year. "The different initiatives the cabinets are pursuing are geared toward bringing campus together," said Hidalgo, who an swered questions from Senators for sever al minutes at the meeting. "The platform of the ASSU is an unbi ased avenue to promote goals of student groups," Hidalgo said.[1]