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Leslie M. Watson

Template:TOCnestleft Leslie Mari Watson-Davis (Leslie M. Watson) is a poet and a political consultant. She grew up in Louisiana where she attended Southern University at Baton Rouge. She is a former student outreach coordinator for the National Abortion Rights Action League. She was a principal organizer for the passage through Congress of three abortion rights laws. She has been honored with the Young Woman of Achievement Award by the WIN organization. She lives in Washington, D.C.[1]


In 1991 Leslie Mari Watson, Southern University' Baton Rouge campus contributed to Unity's Spring student supplement. She had served on the steering committee of the National Student and Youth Campaign for Peace in the Middle East.

She was NARAL's campus coordinator, based in Washington DC.

Unity correspondent

In 1992 Regional Correspondents for Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee included Leslie Mari Watson-Davis, Washington DC.

Unity guest editors

Norah cody.PNG

Guest editors of Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee, March 1992, were Nora Cody, and Leslie Mari Watson-Davis, a Louisiana native.

Project Vote

Circa 1993 Leslie Watson-Davis headed Project Vote, and worked closely with Barack Obama in Chicago.[2]



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