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Leslie Fine

The People's Forum

Bianca Cunningham February 1 2019:


Gang Gang🌹🌹 — with Jay Thompson, Clarence Adams, Leslie Fine, Joe D-Hall, Abdullah Younus, Patrick T. Shepherd, Mary Clinton, Sam Lewis, Ella Mahony, Ryan Bruckenthal, Cea Weaver, Dana Steer, Nina Svirsky, Ben Bennett, Jia Lee, Katie Halper, Kelly Gilbert, Trevor Taylor, Zyad Hammad and Zelig Stern at The People's Forum.

2018 NYC DSA leaders

Congratulations to our newly elected New York City Democratic Socialists of America Steering Committee: Bianca Cunningham and Abdullah Younus (Co-Chairs), Joe Demanuelle-Hall (Secretary), Tiffany Gong (Treasurer), Leslie Fine (Membership Coordinator), and Cea Weaver (Working Group Coordinator).[1]

New New York DSA Facebook group

Members of the New New York City Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of June 27, 2018 included Leslie Fine.[2]

"Wholesome Meme Stash"

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America Wholesome Meme Stash closed Facebook group, accessed November 14, 2017 included Leslie Fine.[3]