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KeyWiki has information on Left Forum conferences held in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. The Left Forum is the new name for the Socialist Scholars Conference.

A major "forum" of the American Left (people associated with/members of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the old Socialist Scholars Conferences (SSC) of the 1960's and their successors, and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), among other groups (including foreigners), was held on April 15-17, 2005 at the CUNY Graduate Center, New York City. A major announcement was placed in the April 4,2005 issue of The Nation, a longtime pro-communist journal, Page 15.

The column-long announcement was a follows:

"2005 Left Forum", April 15-17, 2005, CUNY Graduate Center, NYC

Confirmed Speakers Include: (no affiliations were provided in this list so KW has added the most important ones)

"The U.S., the World, and the Next 4 Years" Theme: Featuring Panels:

  • The Western left and the Future of Iraq
  • Civil Rights in the Post-Affirmative Action Era
  • The Daniel Singer Prize
  • Why AMericans Fall for the Ownership Society
  • The Middle East: States, Insurgencies, Islam and the International Economy
  • The 2004 Elections: Progressive Responses
  • Class or Multitude?
  • Youth Organizing and Politics in the U.S.
  • Neoliberal Rollback: Social Security
  • Imperialism and the Domestic Agenda
  • The Left in Local Government: Kerala, Tuscany, Brazil, New York State
  • Building Alliances: Parties - Movements - Left Strategies
  • Hip-Hop Politics Today
  • History Matters: The Past, Public Memory, and Resistance
  • Debtor Families, Debtor Nation
  • Insurgencies and the Limits of U.S. Imperial Reach
  • Ecology and the Left
  • Neoliberalism and the National Strategies in Latin America
  • Dilemmas of the U.S. Peace Movement

Register early and save! Contact us: Global Left Dialogue, Ph.D Program in Sociology, CUNY Graduate Cetner, 365 Fifth Ave., (Room 6115), New York, NY, 10016-4309 (212) 817-2003 infor@2005leftforum.org www.2005leftforum.org

(end of announcement)

Left Forum 2005 took place April 15-17 2005 at CUNY Graduate Center in Midtown Manhattan, New York. [1]

Open Plenary

The opening plenary was entitled "The U.S., the World, and the Next Four Years". It was sponsored by Global Left Dialogue.


The Western Left and Iraq:

The Daniel Singer Essay Prize: "The Soul of Socialism":

Just Around the Corner: The Paradox of the Jobless Recovery - Author Meets Critics:

New Strategies for Rebuilding Power in the Labor Movement:

The Digital Commons as a Public Good:

The Future of the Social Forum Movement in the U.S.:

Fighting for Health Under Neoliberalism in South Korea and Venezuela:

Ecological Disasters: The Case of Bhopal:

Social Insanity, Family Transformation, and Personal Neurosis:

Racism and the Politics of Oil:

Dialectical Perspectives on Developing an Alternative to Capitalism:

Crisis of the Labor Movement:

The Left and Ecology:

Iraq, Imperialism, and Post-Colonialism:

The Enlightenment:

Postmodernism and Democracy:

The Left in Local Government: Tuscany, Brazil, Germany, and New York State:

After 1989: Marxism in Transition:

The Dialectic of Poverty:

Fascism Then and Now:

Fighting for National Health Care in a Right-Wing Environment:

Hard Questions for the Peace Movement:

Media in the Context of Globalization:

Palestine: The Occupation and the Challenges Ahead:

History Matters: The Past, Public Memory, and Resistance:

What's Happening in the U.S. Economy?:

Anarchism and the Left: New Dialogues on Power and Social Change:

The Politics of the Neoliberal University:

Refocusing Marxism on Class, Surplus, and Exploitation:

The Challenge of the Rightist Values Agenda to Secular and Religious Socialists:

Capitalism and Collapse: A Symposium on Jared Diamond's New Book:

Gendered Aspects of US Empire:

Building Alliances: Parties, Movements, Left Strategies:

Race-ing Justice: Black Resistance and the Politics of Mass Incarceration:

The Global Geopolitics of Oil:

Neoliberalism: Brazil, Venezuela, and Latin American Strategies of Resistance:

Repression and Resistance in Higher Education: Academic Freedom,Corporatization and Organizing:

Debtor Families - Debtor Nation:

The New Imperialism

The other set of panels was grouped under the title, "The New Imperialism: Strategy, Structure, and Ideology".

Roundtable: The Global Justice Movement:

Imperial Contradictions at Home and Abroad: Empire Reloaded or Overloaded?:

The Legacy of Bandung: Rebuilding a Third World Politics of Resistance:

The Political Impact of Digital Technologies:

The Crisis of American Education:

The Marxist Theory of Class and Its Importance for Today:

The Left and the Rich: Income Inequality and Democracy:

After the 2004 Elections: Progressive Responses:

Whither the Middle East?: Iraq, Lebanon and the Regional Reshuffle:

Social Security "Crisis": Rolling Back the New Deal:

Resistance in the Military:

Class or Multitude:


We Got Next: Youth Activism in Harlem:

Sex, Gender and Politics Today:

Insurgency and the Limits of US Imperial Reach:

The Frame-up of Lynne Stewart: The Emerging Police State:

Educators to Stop the War: Moving Forward:

China and the World:

Freedom Dreamin': Imagining Socialism:

Youth Organizing and Politics in the US:

Why Americans Fall for the Ownership Society:

Future of the Left: