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Lee Gloster is a Teaching Aide at School Corporation, South Bend, Indiana area.

Northern Indiana DSA members

Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America July 25, 2018:


Lee Gloster, Sarah Lorene Knowlton, Oliver James Davis, Jr., Tony Flora right.

SJVP-JwJ Workers Rights Board

SJVP - Jobs with Justice June 30, 2015:


Joe Carbone executive director of the St Joseph Valley Project Jobs with Justice opens the Strategic Planning Meeting to members of the SJVP-JwJ Workers Rights Board and Steering Committee. — with Lee Gloster, Tony Flora, Sam Centellas, Paul Mishler, Stan Miles, Jeremy Bernstein, Joseph Carbone and Joe Nguyen.

Supporting Honeywell strike

“The workers didn’t crawl back to work, they walked back to work.” This is how Lee Gloster, a Teamster and longtime South Bend labor activist, summed up the outcome of the 10-month lockout that Honeywell International inflicted on UAW members of Local 9 (South Bend, IN) and Local 1508 (Green Island, NY).

The compromise settlement came after months of reduced output, and just 11 days after 150+ Local #9 members and supporters joined in a spirited “Return to Our Roots” solidarity rally held February 11, 2017. UAW Local 5, the other South Bend UAW local (representing Humvee and Mercedes assemblers and, formerly, Studebaker workers), hosted the rally. Organizers, including the UAW #9 officers, chose that date to coincide with the UAW’s 80th anniversary of the Flint, Michigan Sit-down Strike.

In 1937, the militant autoworkers forced GM to recognize their union. At the rally’s conclusion, locked-out workers and supporters drove to the gates at Honeywell to form a mass picket. They boisterously disrupted a line of vans attempting to transport replacement workers out of the plant to their motel rooms (paid for by Honeywell). Picketers chanted, “to hell with Honeywell!” and “one day longer, one day stronger!”

Four staff members representing South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg supported the mass picket (Buttigieg was in Washington DC).

City Councilwoman Regina Williams Preston, North Central Indiana AFL-CIO President Tony Flora, and Mayor Buttigieg representative Cherri Peate were at the picket line. [1]

CPUSA supporter

In 2002 Lee Gloster was involved in the Communist Party USA club in South Bend, Indiana[2].

The local peace movement had little warning of President Bush’s planned appearance here Sept. 5. The local newspaper announced it only two weeks before...
The club and the peace movement went into action immediately.
The Secret Service, informed that we intended to demonstrate against the president, responded by declaring the site of our rally a “First Amendment-Free Zone” (their term!) and moved the site of S the protest to a park across the river from where Bush was appearing.

In 2007, Lee Gloster was involved with the Communist Party USA in Indiana[3].

Birthday greetings to Gus Hall

The following contributors to the World 1996 Fund Drive sent birthday greetings to Gus Hall, national chair, Communist Party USA. People's Weekly World, 21 December, 1996 - Lee Gloster.

Obama supporter

Gloster celebrated Barack Obama's victory on election night with the West Side Democratic Club in South Bend Indiana[4];

"Yes we did!" was the resounding cry at the West Side Democratic Club in South Bend as Barack Obama was elected as the 44th president of the United States.

Lee Gloster, a union member, was more focused on the tangible results of Obama's election. "We're going to bring the troops home, get single payer medical coverage," and fix the mortgage crisis, he said.

Gloster and Janes are both "old refugees from the '60s," Gloster said. "We've been waiting 30 years for this. One and a half years ago, I said it couldn't happen."

USFSP Board of Directors

As of May, 2014, Lee Gloster served on the Board of the U.S. Friends of the Soviet People.

  • - Indiana Trade Unionist ; Mid-West Chapter, USFSP.[5]

Northern Indiana DSA Closed Group

Members of the Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 4, 2018, included Lee Gloster.[6]