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Laquita Garcia was born and raised in Dallas, TX, as the oldest child in a family of four. Before starting her career as an organizer, there was a chapter in her life where she had plenty to say about how the city, state and nation should be run right from her own living room sofa, but never once thought about being a part of the solution. After becoming part of TOP, she became a registered voter and voted for the first time in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial election. She now lives in San Antonio and continues to fight for change in neighborhoods across the city and the state. Laquita strives to provide every Texan with the opportunity to make real change in their life and the lives of their neighbors..[1]

TOP staff photo

Texas Organizing Project June 30, 2016;


Today, we're celebrating Ginny Goldman's last day as TOP's executive director. Thank you Ginny for having the vision, passion and courage to help found this organization and for leading it for more than six years. We love you! — with Crystal Zermeno, Tarsha Jackson, Daniel Joseph Barrera, Mitzi Ordonez, Luvia Tapia, Mary Moreno Montejano, Tiffany Bergman Hogue, Tarah Taylor, Dorothy Dotty Wagner, Bri Brown, Michelle Tremillo, Gloria Villarreal, Robert Tiznado, Laquita Garcia, Ginny Goldman, Constance C. Luo, Allison Brim, John Moore, Brandon Morgan, Kimberly Olsen, Lola Garcia, Laura Perez-Boston and Silvia Chicas.