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Kristian "Steffany" Hernandez is a North Texas activist.

Activist history

"I joined DSA in early September of 2016 and have been an active member for nearly 3 years. In November 2016, I won my chapter’s chair election, then was re-elected in November 2017. That same year, I formed and chaired the Racial Justice Working Group, which successfully worked with the Working Texans for Paid Sick Time Coalition, attempted to get rid of the predatory juvenile curfew, and helped pass the Civilian Police Oversight Board, a measure committed to police transparency and accountability. I’m also currently coordinating our local AfroSoc caucus events.

As chair, I oversaw our involvement in two major working-class uprisings: Standing Rock (the HQ and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners are located in Dallas) and the Oklahoma Teachers’ Strike (alongside Oklahoma and other Texas chapters). I helped our monthly meeting attendance go from 15 to 75 people and supported our membership growth from 65 to 500 members. In 2018, I proposed the role of a Membership Coordinator and am presently in this position. I oversee membership, renewals, creation and implementation of organizer trainings for the chapter. While I’ve grown my own chapter, I’ve also helped start new ones by supporting DSA’s presence in Fort Worth, Collin, Denton, Midland, and Tyler.

I’ve taken long-term campaigns from failure to victory, as the lead for our Paid Sick Time campaign, which started off as a ballot initiative in 2018 that collected over 120,000 signatures. The initiative failed by 800 signatures, however, it transformed into a successful city council campaign in 2019. As of August 1st, this ordinance will secure paid sick time for over 300,000 workers.

Besides issue-based campaign work, I’ve also organized rapid response and served on various DSA committees. I coordinated aid and solidarity to asylum-seeking families and workers and their families affected by one of the largest ICE raids in over a decade. I collaborated on a mobilization to mount a physical presence to a few fascist events both locally and in conjunction with other Texas chapters. As far as committees, I served on the coordinating committee for the Texas Regional Leadership Training, the Pre-Convention Regional Conference, the National Immigration Working Group, the AfroSocialist Convenings in 2017 and 2019, spoke during the opening plenary and co-facilitated the Immigration Workshop at the 2017 Convention and 2018 YDSA Convention.

Before DSA, I was an immigrant rights organizer with the North Texas Dream Team, a grassroots mixed-status organization founded in 2010. I served as the Community Outreach chair, forging strong relationships with local organizers, unions, nonprofits, immigrant houses, and elected officials, growing our volunteer list to over 1,000 people and our active volunteer base. I was elected Vice President for two terms, as well as the Vice Chair for the Immigration Affairs Committee, which oversaw the DACA workshops we developed and implemented. This committee helped over 8,000 recipients, saved approximately 2-4 million dollars in legal fees, led workshops all throughout North and rural Texas, and raised over $25,000 for DACA fees when DACA was rescinded under the current administration. I took part in the coalition that got the city of Dallas to sign on to the lawsuit against SB4 and helped Fort Worth’s efforts to do the same.

My electoral work began as the volunteer coordinator for a successful electoral campaign of a community college trustee. In 2016, I was elected a Bernie Sanders State and National Delegate. Since then, I’ve tried to be involved in numerous DSA electoral campaigns, helping with data entry, text banking, and remote phone banking. These experiences have given me a lot of insight into the various ways different DSA chapters approach electoral work.

Outside of DSA, I’m a commissioner on a city board dedicated to funding programming in an under-served area of the city, am part of a group working to change the narrative of public safety beyond policing, and help lead and train local organizers to bring organizing trainings to their community groups."[1]

DSA Brazil trip

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From April 29 – May 4 2020, Kristian Hernandez, Ashik Siddique, and Sofia Guimaraes Cutler (NPC), Jana Silverman (International Committee), James Ehresman-Tsagong (NCC-YDSA), and Gabriel Acevero, (Maryland State Delegate) went to Brazil as part of an exchange hosted by the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), Central Unica dos Trabalhadores (CUT), and Foro de Sao Paulo.

During the week they spent in São Paulo, they heard first-hand about the attacks against workers spearheaded by Jair Bolsonaro’s neo-fascist government, and the tragic consequences of the 1964-1985 US-sponsored military dictatorship. But they also learned how unions, social movements and socialist activists are resisting neo-fascism and neoliberalism, and building the campaign to elect Lula in this October’s Presidential elections.[2]



In June 2021 Blanca Estevez, Marvin Gonzalez, Carrington Morris, Luisa Martinez,Jen McKinney, Austin Gonzalez, Tom Wojcik, Kristian Hernandez, were part of a Democratic Socialists of America delegation organized by the Simon Bolivar Institute to Venezuela. Went there for 14 days. First 3 days were at Congreso. Met president Maduro and former Bolivian president Evo Morales.[3]

Strategic Challenges Facing the Left



Democratic Socialists of America: The Strategic Challenges Facing the Left After Convention 2021.

Event by Shelter & Solidarity: A Deep Dive with Artists and Activists, encuentro 5 and 2 others

Following a successful national convention (August 2021), Democratic Socialists of America faces a still pandemic-ridden nation, beset with extractive inequalities, political dysfunction, and the rapid onset of catastrophic climate change. As the largest organized, left wing formation, the moment poses special strategic and organizational challenges, ones surfaced in Bill Fletcher, Jr.’s “The Modern Tecumseh” essay. In this post-convention conversation, we talk with David Duhalde (DSA Fund), Kristian Hernandez (DSA), Matt Nelson (, and Bill Fletcher, Jr., Meleiza Figueroa (Campus Antifascist Network) and David Cobb (Cooperation Humboldt), themselves well-known organizers and movement theorists host the conversation.

DSA 2021 Socialist Majority slate


Sabrina Chan, Kristian Hernandez, Maikiko James, Jose La Luz, Kevin Richardson.

We're at a crossroads


On Tuesday June 30 2020.

We're at a crossroads. Social movements on the left and the right are on the move, in the midst of a global pandemic, an unrelenting economic crisis, the threat of ecological collapse, and growing attention to the institutional brutalities committed against Black people. The Trump administration is steering the U.S. towards a precipice, doubling down on white supremacy and the aggressive protection of capital. The left, with all of its gains over the past several years, is wrestling with how to orient to the 2020 electoral races in general and the Biden candidacy in particular.

Join the Left Inside/Outside Project and Organizing Upgrade in a discussion with radical electoral organizers Sendolo Diaminah of The Carolina Federation, Kristian Hernandez of Democratic Socialists of America, and Sochie Nnaemeka of Working Families Party to take stock of the rapidly shifting political terrain and how it should inform the left's electoral strategy.

Co-sponsored by CCDS, CPUSA, LeftRoots, Liberation Road, and the People's Advocacy Institute.

North Texas Medicare For All Committee

Kristian Hernandez is a member of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas and is involved in the North Texas Medicare For All Committee.[4]

DSA 2019 National Political Committee Candidates

Democratic Socialists of America 2019 National Political Committee Candidates

Austin GonzalezSauceTheresa AltSean EstelleDaniel MerrillDarby ThomasRussell Weiss-IrwinMichelle Bruder MillerZac EcholaJen SnyderJennifer BolenBlanca EstevezMarsha NiemeijerMarianela D'AprileTawny TidwellLloyd GoldsmithErika PascholdEmily CameronDan QuayleValerie SinclairNatalie MidiriRavi Ahmad HaqueJose G. PerezTim ZhuRachel ZibratAbdullah YounusMegan SvobodaMaikiko JamesKristian HernandezDavid PinkhamHannah AllisonJen McKinneyAustin Smith[5]

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Kristian Hernandez of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas.

2017 co-chairs

Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas co-chairs of as of March 2017;[6]

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

Texas DSA - Red State Risingis a closed Facebook group for Texas Democratic Socialists of America activists.

A forum for discussion, ideas, and commentary from, for, and about the statewide Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) movement in Texas. There are now 10 official Chapters & Organizing Committees across the state (see list below). Let this be a place for solidarity, for the sharing of best practices, and for discussion about socialism and DSA.[7]

As of March 16, 2017;[8]


DACA Training

DSA North Texas September 12, 2017. ·


DSA comrades at tonight's DACA training by the North Texas Dream Team. — with Rick Schoolcraft, Kristian Steffany, Tyler Davis, Mayra Guardiola, Angela Andrade, Lizzie Maldonado and MaryAnn CK.

Racial Justice Working Group

Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas, Soraya Colli September 18, 2018 ·


🔥 Solidarity. Justice. Action. ✊🏼#DSANTX — attending Racial Justice Working Group Meeting with Alex Telecky, Genesis Robledo, Sean Kirkpatrick, Joel Constantine, Clarice Criss, Kristian Hernandez, Esti Romero and Conrad Lino at Lucky Dog Books - Oak Cliff, Every Book $3 or Less.

DSA NTX National Delegates & Alternates

DSA NTX National Delegates & Alternates to DSA National Convention, Chicago, Closed Facebook Group.[9]


Members included Kristian Hernandez.

Collin County Democratic Socialists Closed Facebook Group

Democratic Socialists of America - Collin County Closed Facebook Group, members, as of June 1, 2017 included Kristian Hernandez.[10]

Endorsing Fetonte

Texas Democratic Socialists of America members who endorsed Danny Fetonte when he ran for DSA NPC in 2017 included Kit JonesFort Worth, Kristi LaraPlano, Deborah Beltran, Kristian HernandezDallas, Ashley Rodriguez, Judy LugoEl Paso, Janice ZitelmanKerrville, Sitina GutierrezWaco, Gena Probst and Scott NelsonBryan,.[11]

DSA North Texas Closed Facebook Group

As of May 28, 2017;[12]



DSA Fort Worth Closed Facebook Group

Democratic Socialists of America Fort Worth Closed facebook Group members, as of August 29, 2017, included Kristian Hernandez .[13]

DSA NTX Media Working Group

Members of Democratic Socialists of America - North Texas Media Working Group, closed Facebook group, accessed February 4, 2018 includedKristian Hernandez .[14] .

Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee

In March 2018 Kristian Hernandez was involved with the Democratic Socialists of America Electoral Committee.

National Gathering

The DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus National Gathering Planning Committee proposed a National gathering to take place June 7th-9th, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana at Loyola University.

The tentative planning committee was Bianca Cunningham NYC-DSA, Alyssa Pariah Portland-DSA, Kristian Hernandez NTX-DSA, Suzanne-Juliette Mobley New Orleans, Sumathy Kumar NYC-DSA, Maikiko JamesLA-DSA, Beth Huang -Boston-DSA, Marian Jones-NYC-DSA, Ashley Payne East Bay-DSA, Sasha Hammad-DSA national staff.[15]

College of Constructive Hell Raising


The College of Constructive Hell Raising's Spring Class of 2017. Front row with sign: Kristian Steffany, Amanda Polland, Frances Mayo, Michelle McAdam, Anita Mills, Brandon Pollard, kneeling. Back row: Rick Baraff, Janelle Kinney, Kyle Amato, Clarice Criss, Brent Cease, Anthony Gonzales, Rebecca Bateman, Corey Troiani, Jim Schermbeck.