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Kolby Duhon is an Austin Texas activist. Kolby Duhon is photographed with the Texas Young Democrats Socialist Caucus.

Endorsed by Our Revolution

Our Revolution - Texas endorsed Kolby Duhon for Texas Young Democrats Executive Vice President in July 2017.[1]


Planned Parenthood

Q: What inspired you to start working with Planned Parenthood/community advocacy? Did you have any role models or learn from someone, in particular?

A: Since moving to Austin three years ago, I had been involved as a general volunteer here and there but admittedly was not as directly invested as I should have been in this fight. That changed, in no small part due to the efforts of a courageous young activist named Sadie Hernandez who started a one-woman rally that grew to a national movement called the #PeoplesVeto in protest of the Governor’s deplorable cuts to Planned Parenthood’s life-saving Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. I was fortunate enough to join Sadie and many other incredible activists on the third day and ended up staying for 15 days in a show of solidarity to those all across our state that will lose their lives due to these inexcusable cuts. I still #StandWithSadie and we will not yield![2]


By day I’m a Civil Court Clerk for The Justice Of The Peace Precinct 2 Court here in Travis County. By night I'm a political operative/activist in the community. I also serve as Statewide Membership Director for the Texas Young Democrats, serve as Finance Director for Ambassadors of Jesus Children Orphanages (which service 22 orphanages throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and I'm the Chair of an exploratory committee to establish a Covenant House Branch here in Travis County to address youth homelessness in our city. I'm also a Co-Chair of Austin For Bernie Sanders.[3]

On Bernie

According to Kolby Duhon, a membership director of Austin Young Democrats, an overwhelming number of young democrats locally and at a national young democratic convention in Los Angeles show support for Bernie Sanders.

“I think the outsider status is something that millennials grasp on to,” Duhon, 24, said. “We want someone who’s going to speak truth to power. You don’t win the future by phoning up the past and asking it to recreate itself. We want progressives, and for me Bernie is progressive.”

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

On March 16, 2017 Kolby Duhon was a member of the Texas DSA - Red State Rising closed Facebook group.[4]

Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America Fort Worth August 14, 2017.

So proud of the newly formed Socialist Caucus at the Texas Young Dems convention! 👏 When nothing goes right, move LEFT.
Kolby Duhon, left Jen Ramos, second from left, Joshua Dreis-Ornelas, third from left Austin Dreis-Ornelas center

Left Up To US Closed Facebook group

Members of the Left Up To US closed Facebook group, as of August 11, 2017 included Kolby Duhon.[5]

Block-walking for Susanna Woody

Susanna Woody March 3 near Austin, TX ·


Last weekend of block walking. Come out and join us! Thanks Austin Young Democrats , Our Revolution South Austin , Left Up To US and Our Revolution Central TX for coming out today! — with Kolby Duhon, Andrew Costigan, Roy Woody, Barbara Fetonte, Sarah Rodriguez Ledesma, Mickey Fetonte, Erica Ọkụ Pehua, Joey Gidseg, Claudia Corum, Cynthia Mancha, Steve Voytowich, Raquel Voytowich, Richard Franklin, Maryann Ledesma, Jen Ramos, Chau Lan Ngo and Savannah Ledesma.

O'Rourke connection

Beto O'Rourke, Kolby Duhon

Texas Democratic Executive

In Kolby Duhon represents the Young Democrats on the Texas Democratic Party executive committee.[6].

Fossil Free pledge


Mickey Fetonte and Kolby Duhon.