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Any content on KeyWiki may be used elsewhere provided it is correctly referenced. All content on KeyWiki is automatically copyrighted under the Berne Convention by KeyWiki editors and contributors.

Using Information from KeyWiki

You are welcome to make use of any information including text, images, audio and video that you find on KeyWiki. KeyWiki exists to expose the covert side of politics and as such we are working to release information to the public sphere. The following guides on referencing a source document or referencing KeyWiki are provided as suggestions - you are free to reference any way you wish, so long as credit is given.

Referencing Source Document

All information on KeyWiki is referenced back to its original source. You are welcome to reference the source, bypassing the KeyWiki page. However you must mention somewhere in your article where you found the source, for example:

KeyWiki states that Quentin Young is a long time friend and supporter of Barack Obama1

Another example:

Quentin Young is a long time friend and supporter of Barack Obama1
Thanks to KeyWiki for source material used in this article

Referencing KeyWiki

If you wish to reference you should mention in your article that you sourced your information at KeyWiki. Two examples are below:

  1. Quentin Young was a communist with proven links to President Barack Obama.
  2. Quentin Young was a communist with proven links to President Barack Obama - KeyWiki.

Feel free to link to the page:

Or the relevant section on the page (right-click section title in table of contents and select copy link):

Use of Images

You are welcome to make use of any images found on KeyWiki. Please do not hotlink to images as this creates strain on the KeyWiki server. Instead please download the image and then upload it to your own server (i.e. Wordpress, Blogger)

You may use the KeyWiki logo image, however you may not modify it.

Contributing to KeyWiki

Contributors to KeyWiki must correctly reference source material. Consistent and accurate referencing is important not only to give credit to the original authors or to clearly back up statements made, but is also essential to the ongoing value of KeyWiki.

Referencing source information on KeyWiki

When creating or editing an article on Keywiki, source information must be correctly referenced. Below is a simple explanation of how to do this:

Write a sentence or copy a sentence into the article. At the end of the sentence (or within the sentence if relevant), write the following:

<ref>Reference Details, Date</ref>

If referencing a document on a website, use the following, remembering to leave a space between the website URL and the reference:

<ref>[ Reference Details, Date]</ref>

This will automatically place a reference number following the text and a reference will automatically appear at the bottom of the page under the References heading.