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Template:TOCnestleft The Kendra Alexander Foundation is a sponsorship non-profit organization that funds and organizes the Center for Political Education in Berkeley, California.

Its mission statement says it "provides opportunities for new and veteran activists for social change to educate, develop and train themselves and thereby to enable them to better organize and educate others to support equal rights; an end to racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination based on age; national and international economic, social and environmental justice; and a peaceful world free of imperialism."[1]

Board of Directors

Fiscal sponsors

The Kendra Alexander Foundation is a fiscal sponsor for the following organizations:

The CCDS 6th National Convention was held July 2009[5]in San Francisco.

Friday evening featured a special "Welcome Reception and Tribute to Charlene Mitchell." The Tribute to Charlene Mitchell drew participants from wider circles than the convention itself, due to her decades of work in a variety of movements as well as founding CCDS. Recently disabled by a stroke, from which she is steadily recovering, she followed the entire convention closely, her smile beaming encouragement to each speaker.

The event was chaired by CCDS Chicago leader Mildred Williamson and was sponsored by the Kendra Alexander Foundation, represented by Eric Quezada. Angela Davis, Hon. Claudia Morcom, Giuliana Milanese, and Carl Bloice recalled in loving and glowing terms how Charlene had mentored them and encouraged them through various battles, personal and political.

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