Kathleen Nichols

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Kathleen Nichols

March on Washington


At the March on Washington the banner is being held by Dane County supervisors Dick Wagner, Tammy Baldwin, and Kathleen Nichols.

Madison gay left

Photo of the statue by well-known artist George Segal titled 'Gay Liberation'. The people interspersed are Madison's LGBT elected officials at that time (1986).


From left to right: Dick Wagner, Dane County Board Chair; Jim McFarland, Madison City Council; Earl Bricker, Dane County Board; Ricardo Gonzalez, Madison City Council; Kathleen Nichols, Dane County Board; and Tammy Baldwin, Dane County Board. (The statue was in a Madison, Wisconsin park for some years, before being transferred to New York City, where it now resides in the small park facing the Stonewall Inn.)

DSA member

A partial roundup of Democratic Socialists of America elected officials after the November 1982 election includes n Wisconsin, Dismas Becker was elected to the state assembly from Milwaukee, Billy Feitlinger to the Madison city council, and Stuart Levitan, Lynn Haanen and Kathleen Nichols to the Dane County board.[1]