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Kate Kanelstein

Kate Kanelstein is a Vermont activist. She joined the Vermont Workers Center in 2007 as a student organizer at the University of Vermont. The following year, after working for the United Electrical Workers, she came on staff with the VWC for the launch of the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign. Her tireless statewide field organizing was critical to building the grassroots momentum necessary to pass Act 48, which commits Vermont to a universal healthcare system that meets human rights principles. Before stepping into her current role as co-director, Kate was the director of Leadership Development for the organization, focusing on political education with our membership. She represents the VWC on the Coordinating Committee of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and other national networks including Jobs with Justice.[1]

Left Forum 2011

New strategies for building working class power in the age of neoliberalism: The Vermont Workers’ Center and the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign:

"Put People First"

Kate Kanelstein March 22, 2012:


Say I'll be there on May 1! Make this your profile pic! Sara Mehalick, Mel Motel, Mel Pilbin Baiser, Reed Webster, Cindy Perron, Shela Linton, Lyndsey Runyan, Jonathan Leavitt, Avery Pittman.

"Towards Collective Liberation" followers


Melanie Cervantes, follow · March 11, 2013;

From author Chris Crass: " When I first imagined a poster promoting my new book, Towards Collective Liberation: anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis,and movement building strategy, the images that came to mind were the people in Melanie Cervantes’ “We are the 99%” posters, coming together to build the multiracial, feminist, working class-based movement for collective liberation that we need. M... See More — with Carla F. Wallace, Mari Mujica, Steve Williams, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Ingrid Chapman, Dawn Haney, James Haslam, Cindy Wiesner, Marquez Rhyne, Jayanni Elizabeth, Malachi Garza, Miguel CarItu, Chris Crass, Carl Patrick, Abbey Lolcano, Maria Poblet, Kate Cardona, Z. Lula Haukeness, Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, Elandria Williams, Harsha Walia, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Jason Lydon, Jardana Peacock, Chris Dixon, Gabriel Haaland, Betty-Jeanne Ruters-Ward, Mel Baiser, Nisha Anand, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Becki Winchel, T. Gonzales, Rahula S. Janowski, Dani Burlison, Harjit Singh Gill, Leah Jo Carnine, Karly Safar, Emily Han Zimmerman, Alicia Garza, Sistufara W. Muhammad, Pamela Jean McMichael, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Kate Kanelstein, Mei-ying Williams, James Tracy, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, Shannon Garth-Rhodes and Cindy Jeanne.

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Coordinating Committee, as of 2015;[2]

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance supporters

Kate Kanelstein April 1, 2015:


With Alvina Wong, Anna Heart, Maggie Martin and Trenise Bryant.

Power and Protagonism

Steve Williams September 18, 2015:


Who says 'protagonism' isn't a word? Marta Harnecker says, 'Sometimes we need new words to describe new actions.' Honored to be soaking up the wisdom of Marta Harnecker and Michael Lebowitz in a room full of hungry and skilled organizers and activists. — with Thomas Assefa, Ilana Berger, Ben Morse, Harmony Goldberg, Randy Jackson, Tony Romano, Jee Kim, Kitzia Esteva, Helena Wong, Matt Howard, Jodeen Olguin-Tayler and Kate Kanelstein at Verso Books.

Reclaiming Feminism at the Grassroots

Kate Kanelstein May 1, 2016:


Overstuffed classroom in Helena Wong's Reclaiming Feminism at the Grassroots workshop Lindsey Gillies, Jaron Browne, Isaac Grimm, Michelle Kathryn, Liz Beatty.

Vermont Workers' Center canvass crew

Kate Kanelstein April 29, 2017:


Part of the Vermont Workers Center canvass crew organizing for healthcare and putting out the call for May Mayday March for Dignity! / ¡Marcha para La Dignidad! See you in the streets Monday! — with Scott Earisman, Brittany Dunn and Will Bennington.

Vermont comrades

Heather Riemer December 8, 2016 ·


With Michael Connolly, Avery Book, James Haslam, Deborah Kutzko, Kate Kanelstein, Vickie Celia, Nikki Martelle, Daniel Doynow, Peter Kassel, Laurie Aunchman, Tristin Adie, Heather Ann Lambert, Deb Silmser Snell and Mari Cordes.