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Karl Andersen

Template:TOCnestleft Karl Gordon Andersen is Assistant General Secretary at First Union. He is the son of late founder Bill Andersen, and the brother of Glenn Andersen.

His wife is Inge Lore Andersen, regd. nurse, son Eugene Andersen.

FIRST Union comrades

Dennis Maga September 19, 2017 ·


Jacinda Ardern with the leadership of FIRST Union...#LetsDoThis #ChangeTheGovernment — with Dennis Maga, Maxine Gay, Louisa Rains Jones, Jared Abbott, and Robert Reid, Karl Andersen.

Union activist

1981 Mar 20, stationary engine drivers union, Socialist Action lists him as 1 of the signers of a letter to Reagan protesting US policy in Central America.

1981 Acting secretary Stationary Engine Drivers' Union.

1986 in NZ Engine Drivers Union.

2000 National Distribution Union organiser Auckland.

WFTU trip

1986 Sept., one of party of 12 unionists to 11th Congress of World Federation of Trade Unions in East Berlin as observers from the FOL. Members of delegation met with reps of SACTU and had meeting of all union orgs from Asia/Oceania. They also went to Moscow in the Soviet Union.

The delegates (led by Frank McNulty) to WFTU World Congress held in East Berlin-opened by Eric Honecker & addressed by Daniel Ortega, some delegates met with delegates from Chile, Peru & Afghanistan & attended a luncheon with Honecker.

Trade Union Moments and Memories May 3 2020.

Some of the Federation of Labour (FOL) delegation to the socialist block World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). The FOL was affiliated to the WFTU and the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).although the ICFTU was right wing. The delegation was attending the WFTU Congress in East Berlin 1986. This pic was taken at Lenin’s summer house in a stopover in Moscow.


From left: Unknown, John Keith Boilermakers Union, Bruce Fowler Northern Distribution Union, Julia Knight Wellington Clerical Workers Union, Interpreter, Interpreter, Karl Andersen NZ Engine Drivers, Firemen and Greasers Union, Graeme Niles (aka Pinky) NZ Meatworkers Union, Bob Gilbert Northern Labourers Union, Unknown, Interpreter.

This was the second to last WFTU Congress, the final one was in Moscow in 1990. The Soviets paid for everything from Singapore onward so that meant flying Aeroflot and there is many a story to be told of those flights. The keynote speaker was Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua, He is the president today although the CIA engineered a right winger to stand against him and succeeded however he was re-elected later. As guests of the GDR trade union movement they were taken on a tour of the villages and towns and in an East Berlin club met Billy Bragg. (Photo from Karl Andersen) See Less — with Julia Knight.

Evans Memorial Committee

1987 convenor of union Frederick George Evans Memorial Committee which wants to install plaque in his memory at Waihi war memorial hall. "For three years the Waihi Borough Council has fought a union bid to install a plaque . . ." [Star 7 October] Evans died in 1912 after a confrontation outside the Miners Union hall during the big strike, he was chased by police and non-strikers when a shot was fired hitting a policeman in the stomach. Police then caught Evans & clubbed him over the head.

Auckland comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories July 19 2014 posted.


Jan Farr, Ray Stewart, Karl Andersen, Johnny Mitchell, Peter Purdue, Bert Roth, Mike Sweeney, Marilyn Kohlhase, Victoria Keesing, Lindsey Rea, Arthur Sims, Bill Doody, Ray Bianchi, Mark Montgomery, Billy Baines, John Taylor, Basil Prestidge, Kirsty Campbell, Alex Barr, Jo Taylor Bracks, etc. Photo Alec Morgan.


"I've came in contact with Karl Andersen who was the NDU advocate for the factory workers whilst I was union delegate for the electrical trades 1994 & 1995. I couldn't believe it, a total communist." [1]

Eulogy to Bill Andersen by Laila Harre at Bastion Point 17.1.05

It is truly an honour to have been asked by Bill’s family and Party to reflect here on his contribution. Knowing Bill’s capacity for love, I can only imagine the sense of loss for those closest to him: Jennifer, whose leadership and dedication Bill respected hugely; our comrades Karl and Glenn; Rochelle the grandchildren, and our friends, Sheryl, Stan and Gloria, Donna and others closest to Bill and Jennifer.



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