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Template:TOCnestleft Kalia Harris lives in Fairfax, Virginia.


Alliance for Youth Action live chat

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Ohio Student Association June 9 2021.

Gnora Gumanow - Join the Alliance for Youth Action for an IG Live Room Chat with leaders in our network who are organizing to protect student borrowers and make higher education more affordable. Leaders include Morgan Royal from New Era Colorado, Kalesha Scott from Ohio Student Association, and Kalia Harris from Virginia Student Power Network.

Covid Campus Roundtable

Virginia Student Power Network was live. August 21 2020.


With Taylor Maloney, Ibby Han, Kibiriti Majuto, Sarandon Elliott, Kalia Harris.

Virginia Student Power Network Core Team

Virginia Student Power Network Statewide Core Team planning call! September 2015 — with Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Ibby Han, Nqobile Mthethwa, Taylor Janay Manigoult and Yvette Agyei.[1]·

Virginia Student Power Network core team organizers from around the state are hard at work, planning for the upcoming semester. — with Taylor Janay Manigoult, Ibby Han, Kalia Harris, Nqobile Mthethwa, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Yvette Agyei and Claire Wyatt.[2]

VSPN campaign


Virginia Student Power Network, April 6 2015 posted ·"Last week, students all across Virginia loudly stood up on their campuses to push for accessible, democratic education and a #DebtFreeVA".

Thanks to GMU Student Power, UVa Students United, Student Power Network at VT, VCU Student Power, UMW Students United, and JMUnited for making the Statewide Day of Action such a huge success! — with Rodrigo Velasquez, Sanwich Est, Samantha Parsons, Emma White, Yvette Agyei, Kalia Harris, Jacob Ducey, Macey Garner, Lexi Robinson, Charly Liss, Batel Yona, Victoria Beasley, Emily Swain, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Jong Chin, Rachel Brewer, Scott Loudin, Kelsey Pence, Nqobile Mthethwa, John Sylvester, Bess Butler, Laura Cross, Jenn Richman, Garrett Piersa, Greg Lewis, Ibby Han, Taylor Janay Manigoult, Lauren Miller, Amna Hussein, Claire Wiklund, Samuel Scott, Nevin Ounpuu-Adams, Noah Goodwin and Briana Willis.

Virginia Day of Action Against Student Debt

Virginia Student Power Network, organized Sunday 17 January 2016, till Monday 18 January 2016 in Richmond "a public Statewide Speak-Out Against Student Debt, rallying at the Capitol, meeting with legislators, and demonstrating our power..."

Those indicating their support on the Wherevent website included Melquiades Fernandez, Anelle Mensah, Lucas Rodriguez, Reid Parker, Brigitte Coles, Emma White, Izzy Pezzulo, Kailah Hartsfield, Lindsay Mottola, Laura Cross, Phoebe Bugay, Amanda Claire Ritchie, Aaida Tesfa, Giancarla Rojas, Liz Janot Montalvo, Atisha Amin, Bemnet Gebreyesus Agata, MaryAnn Vega, Ava Camille, Scott Loudin, Rondene Grinam, Carii Rodriguez, Geoffrey Payne Colaizzi, Brian Cameron, Erica Miller, Claire Wyatt, Kalia Harris, Samyukta Venkat, Samantha Parsons, Camila Aranguíz-Allende, Sarah Shinton, Amanda Grace Montalvo, Hannah Beaman, Moige Nyamweya, Rodrigo Velasquez, Rolando Flores-Santos, Farah Alashqar, Noah Goodwin, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Todd Le, Ian Nakayama, .[3]