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Kacey Carpenter

Standing for AD 15

In 2019 Kacey Carpenter stood from AD 15 for the California Democratic Party Central Committee.

My name is Kacey Carpenter. I am running to serve as your Assembly Delegate (AD-15) and would be honored to earn your vote. I am an author, activist and organizer committed to progressive values, people-powered campaigns and grassroots causes.


My experience includes local, state and national roles in the Bay Area and around the country. I was elected as a California Democratic Party Delegate (AD24) in 2017 and active in the Environmental, Labor, Progressive, Rural, and Veterans Caucuses. I serve on the Our Revolution - East Bay Board and am a member of ACLU, California Progressive Alliance, Democratic Socialists of America, National Writers Union, and Sierra Club.

After retiring, I became a full-time volunteer, organizer and activist for progressive candidates and causes in the East Bay and around the country canvassing, phone and text banking; speak at city council and state legislative meetings, organize events and rallies, and support campaigns for affordable housing, criminal justice reform, climate change, public education, healthcare for all, workers rights, immigration reform, peace, and more.

Bernie Sanders inspired me to fight for a future to believe in. It was an honor to serve as a Delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, to get out the vote in California and many states, and to share my story in my book, My Journey with Bernie..[1]

Bernie comrades

Cullen Tiernan May 22, 2018:


Six Bernie Delegates walk into an Our Revolution Meeting in Berkeley... #Bernie #Fam #EastBay #ForLife 🔥🇺🇸📡 — with Alfred Twu, Kacey Carpenter, Mark Van Landuyt, Margarita Lacabe and Noemi Tungui in Berkeley, California.