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Justice for Muslims Collective Logo

Justice for Muslims Collective "is building a world where radical inclusion leads to collective liberation for Muslim communities and beyond."[1]


From their website (verbatim):

"The mission of Justice for Muslims Collective is to dismantle institutional and structural Islamophobia through raising political consciousness and shifting narratives, community empowerment, organizing and healing, and building alliances across movements with a focus on the greater Washington region.
Justice for Muslims Collective (JMC) was born out of the organizing work of Darakshan Raja and Dr. Maha Hilal that challenged institutionalized Islamophobia. The project was formalized in October 2016 in response to the Presidential elections and increasing levels of Islamophobia both in terms of rhetoric and hate crimes. In February of 2018, we brought on Darakshan Raja as our full-time co-director and Dr. Maha Hilal as a part-time co-director. In May of 2018, we brought on Dr. Maha Hilal on full-time. Currently, we have 2 full-time co-directors who lead JMC.


From their website (verbatim):[2]

Judy Chu Connection


Photo Credit: Imrul Islam and South Asian Americans Leading Together! Representative Judy Chu, alongside our allies Darakshan Raja and Maha Hilal (both from Justice for Muslims Collective), speaking at a #NoMuslimBanEver protest outside the Supreme Court in 2018.

Violence Against Asian American Communities

Numerous organizations and individuals signed off on a letter by Asian Americans Advancing Justice in response to the March 2021 attack on three massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia, which they claim was "fueled by the United States’ long history of white supremacy, systemic racism, and gender-based violence".[3]

Justice for Muslims Collective signed the letter.


Justice for Muslims Collective was awarded a grant from Solidaire in 2018.[4]