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Jotaka Eaddy

Template:TOCnestleft Jotaka Eaddy is the former Senior Advisor to the President and CEO and Senior Director for Voting Rights for the NAACP. Eaddy has vast experience directing external affairs and strategic initiatives on a variety of issues. Most recently she has lead the NAACP’s strategy to defend and expand access to the ballot box. Before working at the NAACP, Eaddy served as the Senior Field Manager for USAction and the USAction Education Fund, and also served as Domestic Program Director for the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, among other roles.[1]

Married to Antonio Williams.


Studied Political science at University of South Carolina - Columbia.


90s activists

Jotaka Eaddy October 8, 2010 ·


This is what it was it was all for!!! (Tag yourself if you were there) — with Aimee Castenell, Ana Aponte, Jackie Kendall, Jennifer Ann, Marvin Bing, Kirin Kennedy, Stefanie Brown James, Carmen Berkley, Matt Reents, Melinda Gibson, Kristen Kozlowski, Kirk Clay, Alethea Bonello, Kennie Gee, Sasha Hammond and Shelli Craver in Washington, District of Columbia.

Obama team SC

Jotaka Eaddy January 29, 2008 ·


Stacy Brayboy (SC State Director), Anton Gunn (SC Political Director), and Me. Stacy and Anton Made the victory in SC a reality. Big ups to Stacy-- SC Native and Anton -- USC ALum!

if you live in SC or not-- Please support Anton Gunn for State Legislature!!! He is a Change Agent!! — with Stacey Brayboy, and Anton Gunn.

USC Gamecocks for Obama

Jotaka Eaddy January 29, 2008 ·


USC Gamecocks for Obama Celebrate an oustanding Victory in SC!!! — with Hakeem Jefferson, Mitch, Georgina Shorey-Wilson, Kathryn Taylor, Derek and Hans Riemer.


Gamecocks for Obama take a picture with Michelle. — with Curtis D. Lowery II, Hakeem Jefferson, Mara Sirbu, Mitch, laure, Buster Brown, Kathryn Taylor, Michelle Obama and John Fullwood.


Jotaka Eaddy March 29, 2014 ·


An amazing day! This was the surreal moment during lunch when the deputy prime minister of Palenstine told me that the NAACP and civil rights movement was a source of inspiration for the hope of a nonviolent Palestianian movement. #hope #peace — in Ramllah.

Traveled to Ramallah with Rocio Inclan and Cristobal Joshua Alex. [2]

Jealous connection

Jotaka Eaddy June 26 2018:


So many good emotions -- if you know me - you know that Ben Jealous has been my friend, brother, mentor, partner in good trouble for more than 22 years. No words to express how proud I am tongiht. Now let's win in November! #Benjealous #MyFamilyisDope

Ive known @benjealous for more more than 20 years. He is a friend, a brother, leader, and most importantly a fellow activist. We first met when I was 16 years old and committed to abolishing the death penalty. He and Steve Hawkins saw something in me and gave me room to lead and organize. For years, we worked together to advance criminal justice reforms. We would soon celebrate victory nearly 10 years later, when the Supreme Court Abolished the juvenile death penalty.
I had the honor of serving as Ben's Senior Advisor during his time as President and CEO of the NAACP. Ben was and remains committed to social justice and movement building. From helping build the NAACP to more than 1 million online activists, building a top notch team, retooling the field structure, fighting against voter suppression, advancing affordable health care, supporting the NAACP's call for Marriage Equality, to helping restore voting rights and second chances for those coming out of the criminal injustice system- Ben is a fighter.
Ben saw that technology and innovation had the power to create social good and impact. He transitioned to help companies focused on using technology to expand their mission as a partner at Kapor Capital. He would soon convince me that Silicon Valley needed orginizers like me among its ranks.[3]

Southern Elections Fund

Southern Elections Fund, as of January 3, 2018;[4][5]



Makani Themba June 26, 2014


My sistars at #freedom50! #sistalove <3 — with Jotaka Eaddy and Jaribu Hill.