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Joshua Freeman is the Professor of History with a specialization in U.S. labor history and working-class history. He works with the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education & Labor Studies.[1]

Second Venceremos Brigade

In 1970 Joshua Freeman from New York City, was a member of the second Venceremos Brigade to Cuba.[2]

How Class Works

At the How Class Works - 2002 Conference, panels included; 3.5 Class and Race

“ Race and Class in U.S. History”

  • Joshua Freeman, CUNY Graduate Center – History

“ They Never Called Themselves White: Racial and Ethnic Categorizations by New York City Unions after World War II”

“ Class Structure of Post World War II Chicago”

Center for the Study of Working Class Life

In 2009 Joshua Freeman, History, Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center served as an Academic on the Advisory board for the Center for the Study of Working Class Life[4].

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