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Jon Torsch

Jon Torsch is a Maine activist.

Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group

Members of Maine Democratic Socialists of America Public Facebook Group, as of May 12, 2017, included Jon Torsch.[1]

Maine comrade

From Tampa Bay Times, July 21, 2018

Jon Torsch is a member of Maine Democratic Socialists of America.

2019 Steering Committee

Maine Democratic Socialists of America steering committee 2019.


In 2018 Jon Torsch was a Maine Democratic Party state committee member.[3]

Final 2018 endorsements

Southern Maine Democratic Socialists of America Final 2018 endorsements:



Harlan Baker May 1, 2018:


Bowling with comrades- May Day bowling party at Bayside Bowl- with Democratic Socialists of America, International Socialist Organization, Socialist Party USA, and the IWW. — with Owen Albatross Hill, Amy Gaidis, Seth Berner, Kate Sykes, Jon Torsch, Marc Normandin, Barney McClelland and Todd Chretien at Bayside Bowl.

New England DSA conference

Eric Wimer March 25 2019·

I loved this conference. It was fantastic to see every chapter in New England (and they're all chapters, not OCs now, thanks Lisa!) show up in force. From the varied, interesting workshops, to a very comradley and productive debate, to every conversation had a lunch or the social, I really couldn't have imagined this conference going better. And it needed to, because the clock is ticking, and only the fundamental change that these organizers are fighting for will save us. We can win a better world!


Tag yourself, tag your friends! — with Trevor Hurlbut, Lisa Flores, Mie Inouye, Maria Svart, Bill Meyerson, Catherine Meyerson, Alex van Olden, Evan George, Sarah Ganong, Forrest Rapier, Clare Fitzgerald, Fitz Pucci, Beth Huang, Aimee Dupont, Jon Torsch, Sarah VH and Kit Cali.