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Jon Levine

Jon Levine is an activist living in New Jersey and a passionate ’ophile of the Southwest. He is associated with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. His wife is Saydah Zekee.


He is a Longshoreman, ILA Local 1233 at APM Terminals. Longshoreman in the Port of NY & NJ at International Longshoremen's Association Former Director of AFL-CIO Labor's Community Services, Union County at Labor's Community Services, Elizabeth, NJ . Former Assembler at General Motors Linden Assembly.

Forward Motion


In 1995 Martha Cameron, Rebecca Minnich, Jon Levine , Dan'etta Adewole-Jimenez, Dennis O'Neil, Eric Odell were members of the editorial collective of Forward Motion, the journal of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.[1]

Freedom Road magazine


Freedom Road magazine Number 13, Winter 2003 gave special thanks to Jon Levine for its cover photo.

BWJ dinner

Jon Levine, Saydah Zekee, Joy Harrell-Goff and Malcolm Goff attended the Spring 2015 Black Workers for Justice annual Martin Luther King Labor Dinner.


Jon Levine is sympathetic to Freedom Road Socialist Organization.


Free Mumia

Ingrid S. Hill, April 30, 2016;


POP @ Pack the Court to FREE MUMIA ABU JAMAL Court Hearing, today, Monday, 4.30.2016, Philadelphia, PA. — with Roberto Cabanas, Gwen Byrd Benson, Coffee Brown, Madelyn Hoffman, Deborah Mitchell-DeBerry, Deborah Smith-Gregory, Tamia Murphy, Darleen Troutman, Brenda Edwards (Omowale), Alfreda Coachman Daniels, Larry Hamm, Taaj Williams, Dawn Haynes, Munirah Bomani, Dayvus Leesa, Sandra Hayward, Jasmine Crenshaw, Johanna Fernandez, George Gray, Sharese York, Linda Diane Powell, Deborah Jacobs, Michellene Davis, MsMarsha OnaMission, Walter Hudson, Ressie Fuller, Linda McMillan, Brenda Edwards, Jon Levine, RaydHaitian Beloved, Shelia Reid, Ray Winbush, Shirley Lunsford and Baba Zayid.



Jon Levine is with Bill Fletcher, Jr. and 28 others - Richie Chevat, Francy Caprino, Ellie Gitelman Bagli, Mindy Gershon, Ajamu Dillahunt, Steve Backman, Dennis O'Neil, Martha Cameron, Glen Ford, Stan Goff, Sean Crimmins, Nat Turner Bender, Dave Blalock, James Carey, Larry Hamm, Sally Davidow, Bert Barao, Joe Fine, Bella August, Richard Cammarieri, Jeff Crosby, Sidney Brown, Carol Fine, Charles Bagli, Willa Cofield, Carmen Berkley.

September 14, 2016:

Thanks to Alfreda Coachman Daniels for sharing this 40 year old historic photo from a 1976 anti-busing rally in Boston. Shaun King, from whom Ms. Daniels shared this blast-from-the-past photo, commented "The American flag may represent freedom to you but it meant something else to this man."[2]


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