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Jon Kest is a former chief organizer for the local ACORN chapter in New Orleans, and also former director of New York ACORN. He is the younger brother of former ACORN National Executive Director, Steve Kest.

New Party founders

The two key founders of the New Party were Joel Rogers and Dan Cantor.

The first strategic meetings to plan the New Party were held in Joel Rogers' home in Madison Wisconsin in the very early 1990s. Present were Rogers' wife Sarah Siskind, Dan Cantor, ACORN leaders , Wade Rathke ,Zach Polett , Steve Kest and Jon Kest , Steve Cobble from the Institute for Policy Studies (in an advisory role), Sandy Morales Pope (for the first 18 months), Harriet Barlow and Barbara Dudley.

The very first meeting included Gerry Hudson from Democratic Socialists of America and SEIU and Gary Delgado, plus labor activists Sam Pizzigati and Tony Mazocchi. Anthony Thigpenn of Los Angeles was also approached, but though supportive did not wish to play a leadership role.[1]

Center for Working Families

In 2008 Jon Kest, Director NY ACORN served on the advisory board of Center for Working Families.[2]

Working Families Party

Working Families Party officers in 2009 included[3];

In 2009 Non-voting assistant secretaries were;

WFP spokesman is Dan Levitan.

New York Communities for Change

Kest works as executive director for New York Communities for Change.[4]


New York Communities for Changepersonnel 2011;

Occupy the Boardroom

The Occupy the Boardroom website ( is registered to Jon Kest.[4] The website makes the following statement and calls upon individuals to write to high-profile businessmen and bankers, complaining to them:[7]

"Make your voice heard by the Wall Street elites who wrecked the economy and made the rest of us pay. Click on someone below and tell them a story that you think they should listen to. Just got a college degree and nothing to show for it? Just got evicted while your banker gets bonuses? Share your special story with someone who ought to know."