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Johnny Mitchell was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in the Auckland.


1990 April 23, Gloria Stanford wrote article in Tribune on Johnny Mitchell's retirement. Present at the party held at the Auckland TUC were George Jackson & Rene Jackson, Jim Knox, Bruce Skilton, Mavis Drennan, Ella Ayo, Jock Barnes, Frank Barnard & M. McLaughlan. Angela Foulkes spoke to the gathering &presented him with a framed gift from the CTU.

Auckland comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories July 19 2014 posted.


Jan Farr, Ray Stewart, Karl Andersen, Johnny Mitchell, Peter Purdue, Bert Roth, Mike Sweeney, Marilyn Kohlhase, Victoria Keesing, Lindsey Rea, Arthur Sims, Bill Doody, Ray Bianchi, Mark Montgomery, Billy Baines, John Taylor, Basil Prestidge, Kirsty Campbell, Alex Barr, Jo and Bracks, etc. Photo Alec Morgan.

May Day Auckland


Len Smith, Margaret Wilson, Johnny Mitchell, Frank Clarke, Bill Andersen, Jim Knox, Frank Barnard.

North Island Conference of Unemployed Workers

1984 March, Doug McCallum was convenor of 2-day Upper North Island Conference of Unemployed Workers at the Auckland Youth Resource Centre's Marae, organized by Auck UWU. All delegates represented unemployed workers organisations which identified with trade union movement. He saw forming of a regional body of unemployed workers orgs as most important result of conference. Speakers included Bill Andersen, Johnny Mitchell, Maryan Street, Matiu Rata, Peter Neilson and Tim Shadbolt.

Trade Union seminar

1976, April 28-29, Margaret Wilson spoke at 2 day trade union seminar with Nellie Bell, Rob Campbell, Johnny Mitchell, Tom Skinner and Jim Knox.[1]. Spoke on Economics.



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