Johnnie Morris-Tatum

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Johnnie Morris-Tatum

New Party backing

In 1996, in addition to the four Progressive Milwaukee/New Party-backed candidates running for state office (Spencer Coggs, Dale Dulberger, Gwendolynne Moore, Johnnie Morris-Tatum, two New Party members in Fox Valley ran for the state assembly. Progressive Fox Valley founder and chair Tony Palmeri was in a surprisingly close race against an four-term incumbent conservative Republican in Oshkosh. New Party and AFSCME member Corky Van Handel also ran for the state assembly in a nearby district. Both ran as Democrats. [1]



  1. [The Columbus Free Press New Party Online News - November 1996 Running to Win New Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs, and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall]