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Template:TOCnestleft John Zogby is the brother of James Zogby. He founder of the "Zogby Poll" and the Zogby companies, is an internationally respected pollster, opinion leader, and best-selling author. A sought-after speaker, he is represented by the American Program Bureau of Boston. Zogby writes weekly columns on and contributes a weekly Obama report card to The Washington Examiner's Washington Secrets, by Paul Bedard. He is also a founding contributor to The Huffington Post. His expertise has been published on the opinion pages of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. He has polled and consulted for a wide spectrum of business, media, government and political groups including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, CISCO Systems, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and the Census Bureau.[1]

Palestine Human Rights Campaign

The pro-PLO propaganda organization in the US known as the Palestine Human Rights Campaign. This was an organization formed in late 1977/early 1978 by the Zogby brothers James Zogby and John Zogby, according to sources who followed this organization's creation. The PHRC was an amalgamation of veteran Communist Party USA members and supporters, Hanoi supporters (i.e. the "Hanoi Lobby"), black Marxists and extremist clergy, traditional PLO/Palestinian operatives and supporters, and white radical pro-PLO clergy. A few Hispanic Marxists/leftists and at least one member of the marxist American Indian Movement (AIM) were also "signers".

Arab American Institute

As of January 2018 John Zogby served on the Board of the Arab American Institute.