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John Van de Ven was a member of the Socialist Unity Party in Wellington.

Exploiting Ernie Abbott murder

Within 30 mins of Ernie Abbott's bomb murder, Douglas attended a meeting in a hotel room in Wellington (later CTU headquarters) no bed in room. Meeting didn't discuss who was to blame, only how to take propaganda advantage of the killing. It was decided to blame "right wing" anti-union elements. In order to unify the labour movement & increase Labour's election chances. Present were Rob Campbell, Ken Douglas, Rex Jones, Richie Gillespie, John Van de Ven & possibly Steve O'Reilly.


In late 1983 Jim Thomson spent 3 months in Moscow in a delegation led by Alan Ware, with John Van de Ven and Peter Devlin.

SUP comrades


Circa 1983 Jim Thomson, John Van de Ven, Bill Andersen, Peter Devlin.

Recruiting Barney Richards

Circa 1983 - Barney Richards recruited into the Socialist Unity Party after meeting John Van de Ven in his 2nd hand shop in Porirua. Had been recently divorced & was at a loose end.