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John Marty

Template:TOCnestleft John Marty is a Minnesota State Senator, and a "strong advocate for government ethics, environmental protection, and health care reform".


The son of Dr. Martin Marty, a renowned author, minister and theologian, and his wife Elsa, John grew up in a home engaged in the civil rights and anti-poverty movements, where his parents taught him deeply rooted values, such as respecting the dignity of every human being, the value of working hard and playing fair, and the importance of taking responsibility to bring change when confronting injustice.

John Marty attended St. Olaf College in Northfield and received a B.A. in Ethics in 1978. After college, he worked as a researcher and a foundation grant administrator. During this time, he met his wife Connie. They have raised two children, Elsa and Micah.[1]


John Marty is a Berniecrat, is a term used for those democrats (generally) running for office who have expressed support of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.[2]

Minnesota endorsements

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Lindsey Port, Omar Fateh, Jen McEwen, John Marty, Patricia Torres Ray.

State Senate

John Marty won a major upset victory for state Senate in Roseville in 1986. He first became known statewide for his work in ethics and campaign finance reform. In 1993, he authored successful legislation to reduce the impact of special interest money on the political process. John was also the author of landmark legislation that prohibited lobbyists and interest groups from giving gifts to public officials. He has been a "tireless voice for government reform and continues to press for legislation to end the influence of special interest money in politics".

John Marty has been a strong advocate for public investments in education that enable children to reach their full potential. He has been a leading advocate for early childhood health and education and other initiatives to help children succeed. He co-chaired the Legislative Commission to End Poverty and works for legislation to ensure that all workers receive a living wage. Marty is the former chair of the Senate Environment Committee and has been an outspoken leader on environmental protection issues. He is a past recipient of the Sierra Club Environmentalist of the Year Award.

Marty currently chairs the Minnesota Senate Health, Housing and Family Security Committee. He is author of the Minnesota Health Plan, a bold single-payer health plan that would cover all Minnesotans for all their medical needs, including mental health and chemical dependency. He has been successful in gaining the support of one-third of the legislature as co-authors.[3]

Communist Party support

In 2010, Erwin Marquit and the Minnesota Communist Party USA, supported gubernatorial hopeful and "single payer" supporter John Marty. [4]

In the battle for health care, Communists in Minnesota, like Communists in the rest of the country, joined the struggle for a universal singer-payer health plan, and when that became impossible to achieve, we joined the struggle for the inclusion of the public option. Those on the left who rejected support of Obama's health-care effort because his proposals were not based on the single payer principle, remained in the sidelines, weakening the battle for healthcare and not winning allies among the masses. While supporting the Democratic Party's national healthcare bill as it emerged in final passage, the Minnesota District nevertheless supported the effort of John Marty, the most progressive gubernatorial candidate, to obtain the endorsement of the Democratic Farmer Labor Party as the Democratic Party is called here after its merger in 1944 with the Democratic Party), and who also most strongly put forth the necessity of a single-payer plan for Minnesota as the basis of his campaign. One of eight candidates for the DFL endorsement for governor, Marty did not win the endorsement, but he successfully pushed the single-payer issue to the forefront at the DFL state convention, and thereby induced the winning candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, to announce during the balloting her support of the single-payer principle for the health plan that she will put forth for Minnesota as governor. We have not won the battle yet, but it is a struggle in Minnesota that is winnable, but not winnable without center-left allies in the DFL. Of course, the struggle for the single-payer principle is not the same as a struggle for socialism, but acceptance of the ideological content of the single-payer issue is a condition for a socialist consciousness. Those on the left who identify themselves as socialists and stood aside from the Democratic Party's effort for healthcare legislation made no allies for socialism among those who could not afford health insurance or otherwise lacked access to adequate healthcare.

Healthcare comrades

Jonathan Kissam July 12, 2011:


With Erin Anderson (Campaign Manager MUHCC) and Barb Jacobs (legislative aide for MN State Senator John Marty, sponsor of universal healthcare legislation)

DSA sponsored event


Twin Ports Democratic Socialists of America, May 23 2018. TONIGHT✨TONIGHT✨TONIGHT Health justice for every human being! HERE. NOW.

2018 Single-Payer Strategy Conference

Healthcare-Now! Agenda: 2018 Single-Payer Strategy Conference Friday, June 22 – Sunday, June 24 Minneapolis, Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown.

Agenda for Saturday, June 23