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John Jairo Lugo is a Connecticut activist.

Dedication to the striking "workers at Yale-New Haven Hospital"

The May Day Supplement, page H, to the People's Weekly World May 20 2000, carried a dedication to the striking "workers at Yale-New Haven Hospital"

Signers included John Lugo.

2001, Solidarity with the Charleston 5

The May Day Supplement, page C, to the People's Weekly World May 12 2001, carried a dedication from "Connecticut labor and community activists standing in solidarity with the Charleston 5"

Signers included John J. Lugo.

Peace Commission

The City of New Haven Peace Commission is an organ of the City of Hartford Connecticut. It was organized in the 1980s by Communist Party USA leader Alfred Marder and has been infiltrated by local communists ever since.

Members in 2009;[1]

Newsmaker Awards

It was an overflow crowd with inspiring presentations and music at the People's Center in New Haven, CT on April 25 2010, for the People's World/Mundo Popular Newsmaker Awards presented to three organizations on the front lines in the struggle for good jobs. With unemployment at a crisis levels, the event was organized as "A Call to United Action to Create Jobs for All with Equality and Peace."

John Jairo Lugo accepted the award with three immigrant workers who had their pay withheld while working on a farm. They took their case to the Labor Department and won a partial victory. The exploitation they and others have experienced, along with outrage at the new anti-immigrant law in Arizona, is propelling what is expected to be a large march for immigrant rights and jobs for all on Saturday, May 1 in New Haven. Marchers will gather at Front St and Grand Ave and march downtown to the federal building for a rally..[2]

People's World annual rally

Hew Haven activists celebrated on Sun May 5th, 2013 at the People's World annual rally with a video of the march, May Day Around the World, and a panel of leaders in immigrant worker organizing, jobs pipeline, organizing for environmentally sustainable peacetime jobs in Connecticut, and labor-community neighborhood organizing.

Panelists included John Harrity, director, Grow Jobs Connecticut; Scott Marks, New Haven Rising; Mary Reynolds, director of New Haven Works, and John J. Lugo, Unidad Latina en Accion.[3]