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Joel Saxe

Joel Saxe


A statement denouncing the presence of ford Motor Company in South Africa was read May 12 1977 at the Ford Motor Company annual stockholders' meeting in Detroit. The statement was read on behalf of the Stanford Committee for a Responsible Investment Policy (SCRIP) and the 294 protesters arrested on Monday, according to Nick Nyhart. SCRIP member. The statement urges all stockholders to vote for the proxy which mandates the withdrawal of Ford from South Alrica and states in part. ". . . we will continue in our actions until the Ford Motor Company is out of South Africa, or Stanford University has divested itself of its Ford stock. . . . We will persist and we will win." SCRIP also sent a telegram to the president of Ford early that day. It described campus opposition to the Hoard of Trustees abstention and promised further efforts here to get l ord to withdraw from South Africa. It also called for a more responsibl 'Diversity investment policy. In related developments: —The Senate of the Associated Students of the University ol California (ASUC) late last night nearly passed unanimously a resolution conveying its "support ol the ideals of SCRIP".

Contacted by the Daily last night at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass.. Joel Saxe said. "Everyone here was incredibly excited when they heard labout the arrests .it the sit-in). They tell really bad. though, that the; administration took such drastic and extreme action." Saxe. who was one of the organizer's of last week's successful four-day sit-in at Hampshire protesting South African investments, said. "We think its great what you're doing there." .[1]

How Class Works

At the How Class Works - 2002 Conference, panels included; 3.3 Revisioning Families: Welfare Moms and Media Representation


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