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Template:TOCnestleft Joe (Yusuf) Mshahwar is a Detroit, Michigan activist.


Went to Redford Union High School

Anti-Trump rally


Kris Hamel August 9, 2016 with Michael Raymond Mchahwar, Joe Mshahwar and Tomisław Michalak at Cobo Center, Detroit.

"Eyewitness Report from Aleppo"

Eyewitness Report from Aleppo, Dec. 12, 2016;

What’s Ahead for the War on Syria- Eyewitness Report from Aleppo

Join the Moratorium NOW! Coalition and the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI) for a special meeting to discuss the US/NATO war against Syria, featuring Eva Bartlett. Eva Bartlett is an independent journalist who recently spent time in Syria, covering one of the hottest points in the war, the battle for Aleppo. Our panel will expose the NATO role, make the connection to militarism in the horn of Africa, link domestic struggles with the war, and of course talk about the meaning of Trump in regards to Syria.


ChicagoWWP forum

Jeff Sarles May 19, 2017:


Excellent forum tonight in Chicago on combating the US war drive from the Middle East to the Philippines. Co-sponsored by Workers World and Anakbayan Chicago. — with Randi Nord, Mshahwar, Edmund Nabua and Adjoa Nkrumah.



Steve Kirschbaum, ‎Edward Childs March 18, 2017;

With Maureen Skehan, Danny Haiphong, Yasmeen Hamdoun, Edward Childs, Tom Michalak, Tony Murphy and Joe Mshahwar.