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Joanna Misnik, Joe Moore

Template:TOCnestleft Joanna Misnik was expelled from France for her trade union activism and for her participation in the Marxist tendency led by Ernest Mandel.[1] A life-long anti-war and union militant, she worked on the Jesse Jackson 1984 presidential campaign and is a member of SEIU Local 73 in Chicago.

60s radical

Joanna Misnik, 1960s


Joanna Misnik was a founding member of Solidarity, and in 1994, was a member of its National Committee.[2]

Rainbow Coaliton pamphlet

"The Rainbow and the Democratic Party— New Politics or Old?: A Socialist Perspective A Solidarity Pamphlet" edited by Joanna Misnik April 1988.

This Solidarity pamphlet was edited by Joanna Misnik, with contributions from David Finkel, Roger Horowitz, Kim Moody, Dianne Feeley and Robert Brenner.

Technical editor: Nancy Gruber. First Printed in April 1988.

Radical Scholars & Activists Conference

In 1993 Joanna Misnik, Solidarity was a featured speaker at the Midwest Radical Scholars & Activists Conference. The theme of the conference was, "Popular Empowerment in the Clinton Era". The conference was held between Oct. 29 - 30, 1993 at Loyola University, Chicago.[3]


In the mid 1990s Joanna Misnik was a contributing editor to Oakland based Institute for Social and Economic Studies - sponsor of CrossRoads magazine, which sought to promote dialogue and building new alliances among progressives and leftists... and to bring diverse Marxist and socialist traditions to bear while exploring new strategies and directions for the progressive political movements.[4]

NCC candidate

At the Committees of Correspondence Conference, July 19,1992, Misnik was a candidate for the CoC NCC.[5]

"Links - a journal of international socialist renewal"

In 1994, the Editorial Board of Links, a "journal of international socialist renewal" produced and sponsored by the Australian Democratic Socialist Party, included;

Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation


96-06-26 an email was sent from David McReynolds and several other socialists, headed "Socialists Urge End of Fragmentation"

The following open letter has been sent to the organizations listed below.
The letter was drafted by Ethan Young, who has been connected with Crossroads, in consultation with a number of concerned individuals in all of the groups listed.
David McReynolds, member, Socialist Party USA, New York City, June 26, 1996

To: The National Convention of the Committees of Correspondence

As members of the groups listed above, we have joined together out of concern for the future of the organized socialist left. We have two concrete proposals that are being submitted to all of our groups simultaneously, so that they might be discussed and, if accepted, acted on as soon as possible.
1. We propose that joint regional meetings of our six groups be organized for members and invited individuals, as outlined in the June 1996 issue of CROSSROADS.
2. We propose that organizing begin immediately for a national conference of socialist youth in Fall 1997, initiated by the youth members and affiliates of the six groups, but open to co-sponsorship by other agreed-upon groups and individuals.

Revolutionary on the Daily

Revolutionary on the Daily: Visions for New Societies, Revolutionaries Organizing Ourselves Friday, June 25 2012, Detroit.

Most of us are struggling by day for small victories to help our people organize and survive, and dreaming by night about a better world. This workshop is a space to gather with other non-sectarian revolutionaries to explore our visions in creative ways. Through play and discussion this session will provide a space to reflect on the challenges facing left organizers who are committed to bringing about revolutionary transformation. Let's think deeply through the following questions together: What is our revolutionary vision for a new society (as distinct from a reformist vision)? What is the role of revolutionary orgs/collectives/individuals/political communities to get us to that new society? How does being a revolutionary affect or inform our daily practice? We’ll have a gameshow featuring amazing organizers from around the country, play a spectrum game so participants can pitch in their thoughts, build virtual neighborhoods from cardboard and paint that weave together our visions of a new society, and have small and large group discussions.

Featuring: Lenina Nadal from the New York Study Group, Joanna Misnik from Solidarity, Tony Zaragoza from League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Eric Odell from Freedom Road Socialist Organization/OSCL, Shiu-Ming Cheer and Luz Elena Henao from LA COiL, and speakers from Labor Community Strategy Center, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and Bring the Ruckus.[6]


In 2016 Joanna Misnik joined Democratic Socialists of America, and is active in the West Suburban Illinois Democratic Socialists of America branch.

Future of the Left

At The Future of the Left/Independent Electoral Action Conference held in 2015 the . International panel featured:

Presentations and discussion on the international situation including Greece (SYRIZA; Alan Akrivou), Spanish State (PODEMOS; Sascha Nemseff Villagran), Brazil (PSOL) plus international greetings Co-chairs/ moderators: Joanna Misnik and Dan La Botz.



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