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Jo Taylor was close to the Socialist Unity Party in Auckland.

Workplace Reform

According to Workers Voice No 16, 1992 union officials deeply involved in promoting Workplace Reform at Bluebird, Auck are Warwick Jones, Peter Devlin, Engineers union educator, Mike Smith & Working Womens Resource Centre co-ordinator, Jo Taylor

WWRC sisters


Working Womens Resource Centre sisters Glenda Hinchey, Ros Hiini, Jenny Bloxham, Glenda McCallum, Jo Taylor, Dale Little.

Clark connection


Working Womens' Resource Center with Jo Taylor, Crissy Aro, Alex Woodley, Helen Clark.

Auckland comrades

NZ Trade Union Moments and Memories July 19 2014 posted.


Jan Farr, Ray Stewart, Karl Andersen, Johnny Mitchell, Peter Purdue, Bert Roth, Mike Sweeney, Marilyn Kohlhase, Victoria Keesing, Lindsey Rea, Arthur Sims, Bill Doody, Ray Bianchi, Mark Montgomery, Billy Baines, John Taylor, Basil Prestidge, Kirsty Campbell, Alex Barr, Jo Taylor Bracks, etc. Photo Alec Morgan.