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Jewish Voice for Peace is affiliated with the United for Peace and Justice.[1]


The Jewish Voice for Peace was behind a letter to defund police from "BIJOCSM" (Black Jew, Indigenous Jew, Non-Black Jew of Color, Sephardim or Mizrahim Jew) dated June 24 2020 that said in part: "As BIJOSCM, we call on all American Jews to divest from police, and urge that all Jewish institutions, community centers, synagogues and Jewish spaces of prayer end their partnerships with the police."[2] The contact was listed as Ari Belathar-Kulikovsky.




This organization, formed in 1996, is one of several newer Jewish leftist and/or radical organizations that appeared on the ideological scene after the demise of earlier groups such as Breira, New Jewish Agenda, and the older Jews for Justice or Jews for Urban Justice that were both national and local in scope.

A nice summary of the history of JVP is found at the data collection on the Left known as (DTN). Because their information is usually very accurate, KW is using some of it to fill in our own data gaps or to enhance them. For specific information purposes here, KW has taken the names of people mentioned by DTN and added them here.

  • Mitchell Plitnick - Director of Education and Policy, from 2003-2008, DTN described him as a "Former Sixities radical"
  • Rebecca Vilkomerson - 2010 National Director (her name will show up in other anti-Israel organizations). Active since 2002.

JVP Advisory Board

DTN remarked that "JVP" "has worked with

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