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In 1971, the Jewish Commission, CPUSA started to publish a bimonthly magazine entitled Jewish Affairs, in order to reach mainly non-religious, but ethnic Jewish members of the CPUSA and fellow travellers/sympathizers. It was also established to counter the publication known as Jewish Currents, published by a Jewish segment of the CPUSA who opposed Soviet anti-semitism and anti-semitism in general.

Jewish Affairs was published by the CPUSA print shop known as Prompt Press, Printing Bug 209, while Jewish Currents was published by another CPUSA print shop who used the printing bug 412. Among the donors to Jewish Currents was Representative Bella Abzug.[citation needed]

In a "Special Issue" of Jewish Affairs, December 1973, a number of "greetings" to JA appeared with both names of individuals and groups. For historical purposes, they are worth indexing, along with the articles in this issue.


As at October 1973, the following worked for the publication:[1]


The following contributed to 1973 issues of the publication:[1]

  • Gus Hall - Secretary General of the CPUSA, - "On the Mid-East War and Anti-Semitism in the United States", excerpts from "Report to the National Conference, CPUSA"
  • Lee Carr - "The Jewish people in the U.S. and the Fourth Israel-Arab War"
  • Meir Vilner - leader of the CP of Israel, "Let Us Secure the Lives of Our Children and of Israel by a Just and Lasting Peace"
  • Aaron Vergelius - the main Soviet propagandist against "Zionism"; editor "of the Soviet Yiddish magazine "Sovietish Heimland"; excerpt from that magazine, June 1973 issue. Translated by Philip Honor, CPUSA member. "The Fight Against Zionism From A Realistic Point of View"
  • Philip - "The Forgotten People: The Jewish Poor in the U.S.". CPUSA member.
  • Sol Flapan - Daily World correspondent. "Sholem Aleichem through Laughter and Tears"
  • Si - CPUSA writer; "Chilean Jewry Faces Uncertain Future"
  • Alex Kolkin - Communications from: "A Visit to Bulgaria" - CPUSA member
  • Isaac Kaplan - Communications from: "Experiences in the 'Promised Land'" - this was a "Letter to the Editor of Moscow Evening News, August 25, 1973. This man sounds like a KGB "plant" and his "disinformation" writing to discredit life in Israel where hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews emigrated to in the 1970's because of increasing Soviet anti-semitism. A similar disinformation program was carried out in the CPUSA's "Daily World" by so-called "Soviet emigres" who told stories of how they were misled into leaving the Soviet Union for a better life in the U.S.

1973 Greetings

The following sent greetings to Jewish Affairs which were published in 1973 issues of the publication:[1]

Greetings from Chicago Friends:

Greetings From Comrades and Friends in Detroit:

Shalom for a Just Peace in the Middle East and the World:

Jewish Affairs, July-August, 1973 names of interest

1976 Greetings

A group of signers sent "May Day Greetings to the Daily World, Fighter for Unity Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and National Chauvinism From Friends and Readers of "Jewish Affairs".[3] This is apparently a group of members and friends of the CPUSA in Chicago, Illinois:


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