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Jessica Azua was born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, where she lived until the age of 14 and then made the decision to come to the United States to be reunited with her father and live the American Dream. She attended Breckenridge High School, where she learned English and made friends with other undocumented students. Despite this success, Jessica still lived in fear of being deported, until a twist of fate seemed to offer change. Thanks to the Obama administration, Jessica was able to qualify for DACA and eagerly began her journey toward earning a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M.

Since becoming an organizer with Texas Organizing Project, she has worked with people who have experienced the same type of fear, but are willing to stand up for what is right by pushing for fair and humane solutions to our nation’s broken immigration system.[1]

November 2017 rally


Lloyd Doggett with Texas Organizing Project activist Jessica Azua.