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Jeh Charles Johnson …is the grandson of Charles S. Johnson. He graduated from Morehouse in 1979 and received his law degree from Columbia Law School in 1982. Johnson is the fourth secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Human Rights Watch/Africa

Human Rights Watch/Africa personnel in 1998 were;


Peter Takirambudde, Executive Director; Janet Fleischman, Washington Director; Jemera Rone, Counsel; Suliman Ali Baldo, Senior Researcher; Binaifer Nowrojee; Counsel, Alex Vines, Research Associate; Bronwen Manby, Research Associate; Alison L. DesForges, Consultant; Ariana Pearlroth, Associate; Juliet Wilson, Associate; Peter Bouckaert, Orville Schell Fellow; Scott Campbell, Consultant.

Advisory Committee

William Carmichael, Chair; Roland Algrant; Robert L. Bernstein, Julius L. Chambers, Michael Clough, Roberta Cohen, Carol Corillon, Alison L. DesForges, Adrian W. DeWind, R. Harcourt Dodds, Stephen Ellman, Aaron Etra, Thomas M. Franck, Gail M. Gerhart, Jack Greenberg, Arthur C. Helton, Alice H. Henkin, Robert Joffe, Jeh Johnson, Richard A. Joseph, Thomas Karis, Stephen L. Kass, Vincent Mai, John A. Marcum, Gay McDougall, Toni Morrison, Samuel K. Murumba, Muna Ndulo, James C. N. Paul, Robert Preiskel, Norman Redlich, Randall Robinson, Sidney S. Rosdeitcher, Dirk van Zyl Smit, Howard P. Venable, Claude E. Welch, Jr., Maureen White, Aristide R. Zolberg.

Obama appointment

In January 2009 Jeh Johnson was nominated[1]by the Obama administration for the position of General Counsel in the DOD and confirmed in February 2009.