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Jeffrey Thomas has been instrumental in the creation of three enduring social enterprises. His career has spanned politics, entertainment, philanthropy, real estate development & finance, and a Silicon Valley start-up under the tutelage of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Senator Ted Kennedy, Wayne Kabak, Daphne Carmeli, and Benjamin Jealous.

Collaborating with activists, policymakers, and service providers since 2002, Jeffrey Thomas has helped to deliver $550M in public and private funds to organizations that work to advance the economic and political interests of under-resourced people of color. In 2009, as the founding staff person, Jeffrey launched Progressive Massachusetts Funders Collaborative, a political donor consortia that invests with an explicit race lens.

He is the Senior Project Manager at Mandela Yoga Project, Greater Boston Area.He is married to Rachel Weinstein.[1]

PowerPac+ Board of Directors

PowerPAC+ Board of Directors, as of 2017 included Jeffrey Thomas - Cambridge, MA Senior Legislative Director, YouthBuild USA.[2]

DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of October 10, 2017 included Jeffrey Thomas.[3]