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Jeffrey Oswald Barrois lives in Metairie, Louisiana.

DSA Members Organizing Against Trump

DSA Members Organizing Against Trump was a letter released early October 2010 to shore up Democratic Socialists of America support for Joe Biden.

Signatories included Jeffrey Oswald Barrois, New Orleans Democratic Socialists of America.



Eric Blanc May 29 2019·

So New Orleans is definitely one of the best (the best?) cities in the U.S. Many thanks to the DSA New Orleans comrades who hosted me this weekend, y'all are doing really amazing work and I had a such a great time strategizing, drinking, and dancing with you all. — with Jeffrey Oswald Barrois, Sue Kuyper, Michael Ifeoma Esealuka, Ernesto Bernesco NogueraGarcia and MonaLinda Smile.