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Jeff Perry


Jeff Perry ’68, for instance, arrived at Princeton more interested in basketball than politics. “I was a naïve undergraduate,” says Perry. “I didn’t understand much about the war.” That soon changed. After graduation, Perry and a classmate, Gene Bruskin, who also was interested in progressive politics, went to Cuba with the second Venceremos Brigade, a group of young people who showed solidarity with the Cuban revolution by working alongside Cuban workers. There, the two men worked in the fields but found themselves most deeply moved by the chance to talk to a group of visiting Vietnamese. “We got to speak firsthand about the war, in a more neutral setting,” recalls Perry. “I was kind of humbled by the experience.”

Perry came home to work in blue-collar jobs all over New Jersey, including 14 years loading trucks at the Jersey City postal facility. He also earned a Ph.D. in history from Columbia. He now is an officer in the postal workers’ union by day and what he terms an “independent scholar” by night. A few years ago he edited a well-received collection of the work of Hubert Henry Harrison, the “father of Harlem radicalism,” and he has nearly completed a two-volume biography of Harrison. Perry hopes to retire soon to devote himself to writing and to living on very modest means. [1]

Socialist Scholars Conference 1990

The Socialist Scholars Conference 1990, held September 6-8, at the Hotel Commodore, New York, included panels such as:[2]

Contract Negotiations and the Rank and File

People's Progressive Convention

In 1992, a "call" went out to leftist radicals and communist revolutionaries of various orientations to hold a national People's Progressive Convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan, August 21-23, 1992.

Endorsers included Jeff Perry - Treasurer, Local 300, National Postal and Mailhandlers Union, NY.

How Class Works

The "How Class Works - 2008" conference held at Stony Brook, New York, June 5 - 7, 2008, Center for Study of Working Class Life, proposed speakers list included: Sam Anderson, Catherine-Mercedes Brillantes Judge, Pedro Caban, Fuat Ercan, Claudia Fegan, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Tami Gold, Elizabeth Hoffman, Sara Jarayaman, Stathis Kouvelakis, Sherry Linkon, Meizhu Lui, Manning Marable, Jack Metzgar, Nelson Motto, Manny Ness, Bertell Ollman, Jeff Perry, Catherine Pouzoulet, David Roediger, Andrew Ross, John Russo, Vinny Tirelli, Michelle Tokarczyk, Richard Trumka and Joe Wilson.

Conference organiser was Michael Zweig Director, Center for Study of Working Class Life, Department of Economics State University of New York ,Stony Brook, NY[3].



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