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Jeff Marshall

Peoples Platform 87/88

The Peoples Platform April 7 1987, formally endorsed "The Plan" slate for Council of Presidents in next week's ASSU spring election. The platform, a coalition of students who support a political agenda promoting the rights and interests of minorities and other progressive issues, also made endorsements for Senior Class Presidents and candidates for ASSU Senate. If the slates and candidates accept the endorsements, each of them will be expected to uphold the tenets of the Peoples Platform, which include increases in funding for ethnic studies and community centers as well as support for more general Issues such as total divestment from South Africa.

For undergraduate senate, the Peoples Platform voted to endorse juniors Stacey Leyton and Brett Mahoney, sophomores Lillian Hirales, Jon Inda, Miguel Marquez and Jeff Marshall and freshmen Jason Dominguez, Gina Harrison, Derrick Lin and Daniel Luna. In the graduate race for the senate, the platform endorsed Richard Vaughan and Don Gagliardi. For the first time, slates in the Senior Class Presidents race approached the Peoples Platform for endorsement. The platform voted to endorse the "Slate of '88" made up of Maria Meier, Eric Prosnitz, Paige Mazzoni and Stuart Levy.[1]

2017 People's Summit Bernie delegation

Luis Magana June 13, 2017:


Still in it, to win it — with Keith A. Rubino for NYS Assembly 118th District, Jeff Marshall, Keith A. Rubino, Lynette McClain, Selina Vickers, Jesica Butler, Ben Schoch, Cleo Dioletis, Jada Peten, Drew Romano, Sarah Scanlon, Carolanne Fry, Leigha LaFleur, Shawnee Badger, Julie Tuck, Jessica Hydle Crowe, Nita Ellenback Lynch, Sole Breeze, Jeff Day, Zenaida Huerta, Annie Naranjo-Rivera, Shawnee Badger, Melissa Demyan, Glee Oeste, Tatum Kenn, Natalie Higley, Steven Abreu, Katrina Bergstrom, Bobbie McGowan, Gabriel McArthur, Zach Denney, Daniel Clark, Sitina Gutierrez, Miranda Gold and Caleb Hansen.


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