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Jed Dodd

School closings

2,000 demonstrators massed outside School District headquarters here, March 7, 2913 in an attempt to stop the threatened closing of nearly 30 public schools.

The diverse crowd included parent activists; high school, elementary and middle school students; teachers and school support personnel; and community activists. They chanted "Save our Schools!" and "Fix don't close schools! Some played drums and led cheers for their schools; and they heard speakers including parents, teachers and union leaders.

In an attempt to prevent the vote and shut down the meeting at the outset, 19 people blocked the entrance to the hall and were arrested. They included Randi Weingarten, president of American Federation of Teachers and Jed Dodd, president of Pennsylvania Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees.

John Vago, a retired public worker, who was AFSCME chief steward in the city's water department, and one of those arrested, told they were released later that night after being held in a room at the school district building.

In an interview, Lisa Haver, a retired teacher and activist, said the response of city leaders to calls for funding seems to show their priorities. She recalled that when a leading Philadelphia medical school was faced with having to sell off a large iconic Thomas Eakins painting to an out-of-state collector, prominent city leaders got busy and raised $60 million in a week.

"Aren't our kids worth that kind of effort?" she asked.[1]

Interim National Council

As at April 2005, the following served as chairs on the National Council of the Labor Party:[2]