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Jeanette Gandionco Lazam is a senior and disabled. She is retired after working for Congresswoman Barbara Lee of the 9th Congressional District. She is an American citizen, born and raised in New York City.


Jeanette Lazam was a member of the Union of Democratic Filipinos, and later the International Hotel Tenants Association, San Francisco.[1]

Arrested fighting Apartheid

In 1985 Seattle Filipinos arrested in Anti-Apartheid protests included Bob Santos, Danny Santos, Cindy Domingo of the Union of Democratic Filipinos, Marline Pedregosa and Vique Claraval of Coalition Against the Marcos Dictatorship/Philippine Solidarity Network, David Della and John Foz of Local 37, and Jeanette Lazam.[2]

Barbara Lee

Jeanette Lazam has worked for Rep. Barbara Lee.


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