Jared Hicks

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Jared Hicks

Labor for Our Revolution leaders

Labor for Our Revolution April 6;


More than 50 union leaders participated in the Labor for Our Revolution national meeting in Chicago. — with Clem Balanoff, Gene Bruskin, Matthew Graham, David W. Campbell, David Duhalde, Peter Hart, Tony Flora, Brenda Bosworth Rodrigues, Carey Dall, Penelope Jennewein, Joe Lawrence, Gene Elk, Dana Simon, Mark Dudzic, Kenneth Zinn, Zachary Pattin, Mike Parker, Kyle Machado, Peter Knowlton, Donna DeWitt, Brian Skiffington, Peter Olney, Jared Hicks, Marcelle Grair, Steve Early, Al Cholger and Erin McKee.

Socialist Majority Caucus

DSA's Socialist Majority Caucus signatories list as of April 25 2019 included Jared Hicks of Boston Democratic Socialists of America.

ORMA supporters

Rich Lyons ‎Our Revolution - Massachusetts July 28, 2018 ·

Rich lyons.PNG

Progressive values and policies must prevail - make sure you are loud and proud in your quest to achieve Our Revolution! — with Jared Hicks, Melanie Brown-Lyons, Edward Witham, Ray Alt, Sean McFarland, Jason Lowenthal, Jc Conti and Frank Fournier.

Bob Massie supporters

Frank Fournier ‎Our Revolution - Massachusetts November 20, 2017 near Quincy, MA ·


Anyone interested in supporting #BobMassie2018 please "like". Bob is most aligned with our interests of the 3 currently in the race. I am in Support of Bob receiving the ORMA endorsement. — with Jc Conti, Rich Lyons, Audrey Proctor, Jason Lowenthal, Margaret Alexander, J. Michael Gilbreath, Joyce Desmarais Isen, Melanie Brown-Lyons and Jared Hicks.

McGovern/Ellison event

Karen Lee‎ Our Revolution - Massachusetts March 26, 2017 ·


PDA Massachusetts Russell Freedman UMass Progressives Casey Pease Thank you for a great event with Congressman Keith Ellison and Congressman Jim McGovern event @Progressive Politics in the Era of Trump — with Congressman Jim McGovern, Karen Hansmann, Aileen O'Donnell Joachim L'Etoile, Bruce Taub, Michelle Serra, Dorothy Richards Albrecht, Jossie Valentín, Martha Freedman, J. Michael Gilbreath, Kelley Johnson, Andrea Burns, Russell Freedman, Peter Corbett, Jared Hicks and Melvin Poindexter at UMass Bowker Auditorium.